Sumanth enjoying sex with neighbour aunty English

Hello everyone im sumanth 26 year old 5.11 height handsome guy born and brought up in Bangalore basaveshwaranagar I completed masters and working in top mnc company which located in Whitefield. This is true story and writing this incident with her (viji) permission but slightly changing names due to security reason.

We are staying in apartment which consist 8 flats I’m the only young guy staying in our apartment and in our neighbor four people are there raj Kumar 44 year old businessman his wife vijayalakshmi 39 year old sexy typical south Indian Karnataka aunty looks sexy. She is my honey cake my darling my new lover ummmhhha.

They have two kid’s deepika 18 year old sexy chick and her brother kiran 12 year old. After completing my masters from vtu in 2014 and I was waiting for my results also searching for an job so I was jobless in that time.

From six years viji aunty is our neighbor she is pure sex cake mouthwatering figure she is pure sex bomb I was waiting to taste this pure honey and trying to impress my darling from six many years. She looks beautiful gorgeous I was eagerly waiting to speak with her. Viji darling structure is mouthwatering whitish color 5.9 height 38d her bra size her panty size is 90 to 100 cm I saw this in her panty.

Coming to incident one day I was watching TV in my home and shagging my dick by seeing hot movie I heard door locking sound so went to see near door my darling viji is going out so closed the door and took one bucket of clothes for washing to maid aunty.

She was late that day so viji aunty kept that bucket near cloth washing place in our apartment and went with her husband I saw this from my window it was weekday so I was only jobless in our building I was Horney that time so I went to see my darling viji aunty clothes in bucket in that bucket I found black and cream color bra and blue color plain jockey panty I took that panty

and black color bra and came back to my home and closed my room. My heart was beating very fast I closed my room door and sniffed her bra wow wow ohh my god what a smell it was my dick full standing I saw her bra size and kissed and sniffed her bra after that I took her panty ohh my god hmmmmm what a smell kissed her pussy area and ass area and sniffed ohh my god

she smells awesome dick rising smell and opened my night pant and put my dick on her panty pussy area wow what a feeling it was within two minutes white drops came out I cleaned with her panty and kept her bra and panty in same bucket and slept dreaming about viji darling from that day regularly I was smelling her panty and bra.

After this incident daily I was waiting for good opportunity one day her husband went out of station and her daughter was in her grandmother place only viji aunty and kiran was there and I was watching cricket match NatWest t2o bash in my home all are slept. Slowly I opened my door and I saw outside I went near her door and seen through windows all lights are off but I saw light

in her room so I thought may be viji aunty is still awake I went through common space which is back side of the building ohh my god window is open my heart is beating fast slowly I saw her room through window gap she was alone lying on her bed and messaging with someone 2min I saw my beautiful sexy viji aunty she got calls but she was not picking up that calls she cut the call

I went to my home and watching match after 10 minutes I saw all in my home all are slept. Again I went out and seen my sexy cake viji aunty. Near her window she went to toilet and came and slept so I came and watched match and slept thinking about her.

After two days she was speaking with my mom and telling her phone screen got Brocken and asking about repair shop my mom asked me to check how much it will cost because my mom knows I have friends who owns mobile shops I asked viji aunty give her mobile she asked me to come to her home after 5 min she was finished speaking with my mom and called me sumanth

come I will show my mobile I went with her she was opening key I saw her milky white tummy from side ohh my god super scene and I saw her black bra strap peeking form her white shoulder my mouth full of water by seeing her beauty.

she gave her mobile it was nokia lumia 530 she said sumanth check how much it will cost I don’t have mobile to use uncle also not their he calls me regularly I said aunty I have extra mobile (i had my old nokia lumia 610) I will give you use that mobile and I will ask and tell about this mobile she said its ok sumanth I will manage I said its ok viji aunty use my mobile I have extra one she

accepted I gave her my mobile and removed Sim from her mobile and put it in my mobile and gave her she said thanks. I thought in my mind ( who wants your thanks honey give my your ass ) and I had been to my friend mobile repair shop and asked he said ok maga I will give you tomorrow. it will cost 2250 along with touch screen it’s comes.

I asked viji aunty she said ok and said call me sumanth once you got my mobile she was giving me the amount I said no after my repair I will collect. She said ok call me I will collect my mobile I said I don’t have your mobile number so we exchanged our mobile numbers.

After one day my friend called me to take mobile I went and took her mobile from my friend shop afternoon I came back and put one sim in mobile to see her photos in gallery. ohh my god I found her family photo deepika and viji aunty photo ohh my god my darling face is tempting her lips with red lipstick is mouthwatering I seen her pictures and masturbated.

After that I checked her contacts and I checked her message on whatsapp I found conversation with Naveen ohh my god I was surprised that person had sent lot of romantic messages with lot of kissing smileys but viji aunty response was ignoring I think she was not interested in that conversation.

I saw messages he was telling that she looks gorgeous without cloths and that wonder law scene is amazing blah blah. viji aunty replied to that by saying is that was an accidental now you are married so stop all this naveen. What will happen if your wife knows? Blah blah blah.

And after this I went to her home and returned her mobile and I got my mobile back she is very happy said thanks to me I came to home and started watching TV after some time I checked my mobile which viji aunty used.

She forgot to delete messages I found conversation with naveen again they have spoken about mobile repair he was telling viji your taking your neighbor advantage by showing your beauty it’s not good n all. viji said nothing like that. so I thought she have good opinion on me after few days there is no power in our building one courier guy came and asked vijaylakshmi so I showed her

home after 3 minutes he said no one is opening the door so I said to wait him I went near her back side window that was opened slightly ohh my god ohh my god I saw viji darling with one man he is hugging viji aunty from back she is resisting slowly she closed her eyes he is kissing viji darling neck my dick raised I called her name viji aunty she opened her eyes and they maintained distance.

I said courier guy is waiting she said coming I came to front door viji aunty came and received after that five minutes he went out and viji aunty started to avoiding day afternoon she came to meet my mom she was not their she came and asking me about her daughter cet exam.

While speaking one bike came I saw he the same guy who was in vijy aunty home I said I will tell you alter aunty you go now some guest came to your home so that your busy she got tensed and went out after five minutes he went vijy aunty came again. I asked deliberately why aunty so soon you came where is guest she said he came to collect some documents that’s it he is uncle friend

n all I said ohh is it I know this person he is coming to smoke near my friend area I will ask uncle about him leave she got tensed and said sumanth I know you saw us that day so you speaking like this please don’t assume anything that day happened unfortunately there is no such thing between us n all.

I said ayyo aunty when I said like that you only telling all what for me that’s your personal matter do whatever you want I don’t know anything she said he is my class mate he is only forcing me to speak I said tell uncle he will take care she said no I can’t tell him. From after that day we spoke a lot on phone and whatsapp after few days I went to my friend area my friend speaking with that guy (naveen)

he said he have affair with my road aunty so im giving warning he bribing me I said ok where he went he my friend said he will come going to get money n all I after 20 minutes he came I said if again I saw you anywhere be care full and took his number and sent him home later I called him n asked he said am going Noida next week its near to my home town I got job so please leave I said ok.

After that I informed vijy aunty from now onwards he won’t disturb you aunty be happy n all she asked why what you did n all. After one week I called him his number has switched off I thought he relocated after that me and viji aunty become very much close. one day we are speaking I said intentionally to her reaction vijy aunty learn to delete conversation after chatting she said no

problem don’t worry I said that was romantic conversation lovers speaks like that she asked which and when I said with your friend naveen I saw conversation she got shocked and asked me to delete. I said no (jokingly ). she asked me why I said simply even I saw you people what was doing that day in your home she got shocked,

she said please don’t tell anybody I asked to tell her love story she said no love story nothing I was studied in girls college so no love story n all I said don’t tell lie aunty for you at least 10 proposal u got she was full blushing while speaking she started to scold naveen baldly I asked why aunty why you scolding your best friend she said he is not my best friend nothing.

i said you ladies are unpredictable don’t know when you like us when you hate us but one thing is sure you ladies always likes bad persons not good person like me she said no we don’t like bad persons I said shut up aunty don’t tell lie I will prove you she said ok how prove then I said that day I saw you and naveen hugged each other when I came to call you don’t tell lie she said he

only hugged me not me ok so I said yes you likes that person so allowed him to hug you if any good persons like me hugs you will scold us right? directly our eyes met she is blushing she gives me smile I said if nothing like that bet 500rs I will prove if I lose I will give you 500rs ready ? She said ok I said ok wait I will get money from home and went and changed dress to night pant and tee shirt and came back with 500rs.

She was in kitchen I went and closed door I said again aunty why you lose 500rs accept fact she said no way ok bet fixed she was standing in front of gas stove and cooking I was standing near her kitchen she was in her green color chudidhar her milky white hands her back ohh my god I was tempting to hug her from back she asked me to prove I said ok wait five minutes aunty

and I was in mood I went near her my heart beating very fast I saw her ass ohh my god I can’t control I said aunty I will prove you and lightly I hugged her. ohh my god I can’t express my feeling in words her skin in like smooth butter I pressed my dick properly to her ass crack she smells great she was shocked by my act even I was worried I came back she asked what are you doing

I said see aunty I said know? You like only bad people you lost the bet give me 500 rs if you want I will prove you again she said ok prove again. I said you don’t scold I will prove she is smiling and said ok I said ok done you do cooking I will prove she turned aside again I hugged my darling from back my dick pressed her soft ass my hands on her belly my lips kissing her neck

area she is not resisting ohh my god I was in heaven softly I pressed her boobs o god it was so soft one hand trying to search her pussy area wow amazing feeling I said viji aunty I love you she is moaning breathing hard. five minutes we are in same position romancing like new lovers my dick is in heaven slowly she is coming to my control am kissing all over her neck and pressing

her wonderful soft boobs im moaning ahhh ahhh viji aunty. She is also moaning ahhha haaa she said to wait I said no I cant darling she is going to off the gas stove and she turned around and hugged me tightly ohh my god I was in heaven im massaging her back now its so soft and my hands went near her ass wow what a soft bums I pressed hardly.

after two minutes we moved to bed room while entering bed room I was in full mood I hugged her and we both seeing each other she is full blushing I started kissing her cheeks forehead and her juice lips wow its heavenly feeling 5 minutes our lip locked what a kiss it was ummmhhha.

After that am started to press her boobs over her chudidar she closed her eyes and moaning like ahhh ahhha sumanth press hard I thrown away my tee shirt now her soft hand caressing my hairs and back. Wow feeling wonderful I lifted her top I saw he milky white tummy and kissed my hands massaging her legs I took her legs started to kiss her fingers ankles her cough muscles he legs

is so nice I went near her pussy area wow wonderful feeling kissing and biting her pussy area over her pant her pussy is hot and delicious she is caressing my hair and pressing hard I took her palm and kissed me also moaning viji darling I love you I opened her pant ohh my god ohh my god what a puffy cake blue panty I softly bites her puffy pussy she went mad she is moaning.

Again I kissed her juicy lips our tongue romancing I pressing her boobs I asked viji darling I want your sweet milk feed me she said am all yours do whatever you want don’t ask me I replied honey thank you I opened her bra white boobs 38 sized ripe mangos in front of my eyes brown nipple and I took her right boob in my mouth and pressing left boob.

wow her underarms also cleanly shaven full erotic and sexy underarm after five minutes I went near her pussy area I touched her pussy line wow soft opened her panty sniffed her panty what a smell ummmmmmmm ha I inserted my finger wow pink heaven mouthwatering pussy. Brown puffy little bit of hairs that was wonderful and one of the beautiful heaven pussy.

I started licking her pussy she gone mad 15 minutes I ate her salty hot pussy she is in heaven moaning loudly. I was so eager of sucking pussy and that wish was fulfilled and I moved to her ass wow real heaven pure soft bums I bites her bum she gone wild and spread her ass wow brownish ass hole I started to lick her ass hole she is moaning like hell I got scared what if somebody listen?

She was completely in pleasure with eyes half closed.i fingered her pussy while licking her ass I fingered her ass hole too. I have already spent many hours enjoying her beautiful body. She is asking me to fuck but no condom I said honey first give me a blowjob I will fuck you daily I won’t leave you.

I’m also moaning viji baby you are sexy slut I will fuck your sexy ass. she touches my dick wow what a soft hands feeling awesome she is sucking my dick wow heavenly feeling I asked to come 69th position oh …… god it was a pleasure of my life we both were in heaven. It was my life one of the best moment. I moaned jerked deep inside her mouth.

she is held my sweating body tenderly caressing my head after that she got up and wore her clothes we kissed deeply again and I went back to my home that day feeling wonderful again I was waiting for chance that day night she came to close the gate I went behind her and kissed almost 2 minutes pressed her sexy ass we both are very much scary she was in nighty

I took her panty and went home and sniffed and cummed on her pussy area that was super night for me from next day onwards we opened the door of real heaven still so much to tell you guys until enjoy …..I will write down further in next part but before that I would like to get reader’s precious feedback.