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Shubham fucking his girlfriend Tamanna in hotel room

Hello all, myself Shubham from Mumbai. This story happened one month back and is about me and my girlfriend when we first met each other after our relationship. Her name is Tamanna. She was my classmate in school but we did not talk much in school. Her family got transferred to Pune when we were in college. We started talking on Whatsapp and ultimately got into relationship.

We decided to meet in Pune. So I booked a room in Pune and planned a nice day for her. We met in the hotel room and started watching a Hollywood movie. It was a romantic movie which ended with sensuous kiss between the hero and heroine. It was a long kiss and both of us were turned on watching it. So I approached her and gave a peck on her lips. My god how tasty and addictive it was.

Then I started to smooch her. She was totally into it and I used my tongue, we had a little tongue fight between us. We went on smooching for 20-25 mins. Then I started fondling her boobs. Ohh mannnn!! How soft and big they were. I kept on pressing them and then started removing her top. She gave her permission by lifting her arms. I removed her top and then bra.

There it was, the most beautiful thing in the world. It was one of the finest boobs I have seen soft, handful and nipples was pink as I liked it…I started sucking them and biting them she started moaning and pressed my face harder into her boobs. Then I switched the boobs and start pinching another one…. She kept on saying …harder !!Harder!!

U suck so good shubham…I removed my shirt and then again went for her sensuous lips…we kept on kissing harder and harder..We cant be apart for even a minute…then I start kissing her neck …that was electrifying for her…..A little scream came out of her mouth and she hugged more tightly…

While kissing her neck I went for her pussy…first I rubbed my hands over her shorts…and then I dug my hand inside her panties…ohhhh it was so exciting for me….There was the pussy I dreamed off…..I started rubbing her clitoris…she couldn’t take it and kept on hugging mer harder and harder and kept on moaning…

Then I went down and removed her shorts along with panty …and there was heaven …..She had little genital hairs which added to the beauty..She was dripping wet..Then I gave small breath on her pussy…she couldn’t wait any more and press my head to her pussy and said please don’t tease me…just eat that cunt…and then I started fingering her and licking her clitoris…

Her pussy was very hard nd I got to know that she is virgin even two fingers couldn’t enter the pussy… she kept of moaning …ooohhhh…please don’t stop eat my cunt ….Keep fingering……my god ….Then I started using my tongue and started eating ………..After so much fingering and eating…she finally screamed …ohh shubham..I am cumming…don’t stop…please..Keep on fucking…….Finally she cummed in my mouth ….She took a deep breath out of it…

Then I went up and kissed her…She said now its my turn…She went down and remove my short …finally the little man was free….She then start shagging me…and gave me awesome blowjob…my god her lips was so good on my dick…..She gave me a wink while giving me blowjob…..Tension was filling up and finally I had urge to cum…i screamed..

I am cumming…she said cum in my mouth….I released huge load of cum inside her mouth….She smiled …some was dripping from her mouth…..I loved that look…and smooched her…Now was the time for finale….As we both were highly lubricated with recent cumming…so I started stroking my dick on her clitoris and pussy…she screamed…

Shubham please stop teasing and enter me…..I kept my dick on entrance and start to enter…..It was very tight…i couldn’t even enter a little…and she was screaming a lot…..As we were in hotel room….So I start kissing her….And then I give a big push …..She wanted to scream a lot…but couldn’t….Her pussy wall was clenching to my dick as if didn’t want to leave her…

I then give a big push and finally I broke her hymen…and we both broke our virginity ……she couldn’t bear the pain and was crying …i asked her should I stop she said…no …please continue…And when I took out dick….There was blood…..Then I started to give small push …finally she also started enjoying and giving out small moans…

As I had cummed few min so we kept on fucking like that for 15-20 mins..We then changed into doggy style and then I started ramming her from back..She said now I want to lead…so we changed into cowboy position…she started to move her hips up and down..Her boobs were moving up and down …i cant resist them so I started to press them.

Pinching the nipples…she was continuously moaning..Finally she bent down and started kissing me….Then I start kissing her neck…and pressing boobs..Finally she said in my ears … I am cumming..I said me too… I asked her were to cum…

She said she is in safe period…..So then I start to fuck her vigorously…..She start to give loud moans…and finally we both cummed…it was an awesome feeling…. We both were very tired and slept like that …for a time being….Then we both went to shower …she again gave me blowjob…she was getting real good in that..And then I start mouth fucking her…

I kept on fucking her mouth and then cummed inside her mouth..Then I took her one leg on my shoulder and started fucking her in standing position..She said I am cumming I am cumming but I was no new to it..So speed up fucking…she cummed a huge load again..Then we changed our position and she bent down and I started fucking her again…she screamed…yeah yeah.

Take me fuck me harder …harder..Ohh god..Shubham jus want keep fucking wit you..So I became too wild her and ramming her wildly..Finally we both cummed together…finally we went out for dinner and I then left Pune…

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Neha enjoying gym sex with Rocky in English

Hi everyone, I want to share my story with sex starved sex lovers.. This is Neha (name changed). Mine is love mrg and had a peaceful life after marriage. My husband Viki (name changed) works for a big IT company here and travels US very often.

To satisfy my sex urge I used to finger myself. Even with fingering, there is little dissatisfaction. That’s when I got a lesbian friend in my gym.. She is little stout and we used to explore all kinds of sex.. It continued for 3 months and we both were very happy and satisfied. Unfortunately she got transferred to Mumbai. And occasionally we used to meet when she travels down to Bangalore.

My sex urge increased and she suggested to have an affair with a good man. I started to search for an ideal lesbian partner in online but for so many fake profiles and was fed up. That’s when I met my Darling Rocky in a super market.

Let me describe about my self, I’m 5.5″ height stats 36D-27-38 thanks to golds gym round butted figure. Many people stare me when I wear jeans and tees..I used to enjoy those looks. One day I went to reliance fresh market in the morning to buy some vegetables after gym. Because of sweat my tee is stuck to the body and many boys were treating their eyes.

While shopping, accidentally I hit someone from back and was about to fall, he caught me and helped me.While catching, his hands touched my side part of boobs. I apologized and had a look at him. He was wearing shorts and tees.. I bent down to pick basket and saw a big tent in his pants. I smiled and left for billing but kept an eye on him, he adjusted his boner and came back.

He looked handsome and athletic. I liked his eyes and smile. We both came out and picked our bags from security..while doing so accidentally his dick touched my hand and felt it very hard and big. He apologized and left. I imagined that guy and masturbated while taking bath.. Had an awesome orgasm.

After that I regularly went to Reliance fresh but didn’t see him. One day I saw him and we both smiled. He had a good look of me from head to toe and was constantly starting at my boobs. I thought of grabbing this opportunity and tease him a bit.. Since it was morning not many were there, I went to a corner and lowerd my tee to show a glimpse of my cleavage.

He was at fruits section, I went and bent purposefully.. He had a good view of my tits.. I could see the tent growing.. When I looked up he turned away and looked somewhere else..I tried to tease him by dashing side ways so that my boobs were pressed against his arms in side ways.

His strong arms were pressed against my soft boobs, this time he didn’t move and stayed still feeling my boobs with arms after couple of seconds I moved back and saw a huge tent and jiggled..He had parked his scooter near my car. He introduced himself as Rocky.. He is 5.7″ tall strong arms and strong body. He looked handsome and decent guy. I liked him very much.

We talked for couple of mins and left. He asked me for coffee and agreed to visit cafè coffee day near by. We had an hour long talk on various topics and left. We got closer day by day and phone calls became more often. I was scared to how to proceed so was he. But I was gradually making some progress and teased him more and enjoyed every moment.

One day same place same time I bent and kept mangoes in my hand adjacent to boobs.. I asked Rocky do you like these? He said I like then very much while looking at my boobs.. I asked him which one do you like.. He said both.. I laughed and said.. “arey baba I’m asking mangoes” then he replied “I meant mangoes too.

They are ripe and very tasty” I said how do you know they are tasty with out eating.. He said “you can tell then by looking at their size shape and color” while looking at my boobs.. While taking bag at security, he pressed his dick hard to my ass, this time he pressed confidently and aimed near my ass crack.. I felt it very hard and sent me current wave in my body.

It awakened deep sexual desire in me. I fingered my pussy twice and had an amazing orgasm thinking of him. I decided to have sex with him and made a plan. On Saturday morning called Rocky to check if he is coming for market. He asked me the reason, I said, my car has some problem, I thought you could pick me up while going. He came home by 7:30.

We both went shopped and came back. While coming back I made sure that my boobs touched his back gave a signal that i’m ready for fun. This gave him a good hard on. After reaching home, I got down and could see his tent in shorts. I invited him inside home and asked for breakfast. I wanted him to open up about sex, but still we both were hesitant.

He didn’t proceed inspite of signals. So I decided to give a final show. Me: Rocky, since I didn’t go to gym, would you mind if I do some exercise and take shower? Rocky: No problem. Please go on, I’ll wait and watch. Me: You also do the exercise.

I went to bedroom removed everything and came in my favorite Nike sports bra and shorts which shows my thighs clearly and my boobs are half exposed. He was shell shocked and jaw was dropped. He was staring my boobs without even blinking my eye. I went close to him and closed his mouth and said let’s start working out together n winked. He realized and smiled sheepishly.

I made sure my boobs are clearly seen. I went before him and started bending and doing some exercises. He took dumbbells and watching me by feasting his eyes. Then, he said Neha you look very fit and healthy why do you go gym?

I replied, I’ll put on lot of weight in these places and shown him my small tyre on waist and told my thighs, butts and waist is increased and wanted to be in shape. He said, I like your shapes.. I blushed and starting doing some exercises on ball. I told him remove your t-shirt and do this ball exercise. I don’t know how to do it Neha. I’ll show you come and asked him to remove his t-shirt.

He had flat stomach and fit body. I liked it. I touched his chest, belly and said you have nice body.. I started to show some exercise, but all his concentration was on my boobs, he started doing exercise on his stomach on the ball, I went behind him for helping, while doing this my boobs were touching his back and he got full erection, my breathing was increasing.

I was falling on him, my boobs were crushing against his back. He was attracted by my milky thighs and boobs. After he got up, there was a big tent in his shorts and he didn’t hide it. I smiled and said “Rocky, you are hiding a good big muscle and it’s worked out well I think” and winked.

I turned around and started doing dumbbells with my raised butt, he came behind me and touched his dick against my ass, it was rock hard. I said “Rockyyy whaaat aaare youuu doing” He said you are doing dumbbells in wrong way.

I’ll help you and by saying this he raised my waist to stand straight and slowly brought his hands on my waist and very slowly raised till elbow by touch all the way.. he held my elbows and asked me to lift dumbbells. After a minute of pressing his hard rock against my ass he came close and his cheek on my shoulder and ran his lips over my shoulder…

He slowly brought his hands back to waist and converged them near navel area. he was massaging me my bare waist.. I said, Rocky your tool is very hard and poking me hard. He said “Complete body needs exercise and gave gentle strokes while kissing my cheeks. I placed my dumbbells on the stand and caught his cock and started feeling it over the shorts.

He moved his hands and placed them on my boobs while licking my neck area.. “Neha.. you boobs are very soft, but your nipples are as hard as my dick.. I think we should start giving them some exercise”, by saying this he entered his hand inside my bra and grabbed my tits firmly.

I was breathing heavily. I turned my head slowly and we kissed passionately while he is pressing my tits hardly.. He was tickling my nipples and our tongues were in duel. He slowly removed his right hand and brought down very slowly to my navel area and then slid down in my shorts and placed on my cleanly shaven pussy and was teasing me without entering my love hole.

I was unable to hold his touch.. I was shivering.. held his head with my right hand and with my left hand I pressed his left hand on my pussy.. he understood my situation and inserted middle finger inside my wet pussy and started playing with pussy lips.. gave gentle strokes.. I was on cloud nine and breathing heavily.

I turned around and hugged him tightly as I cummed inside my shorts, but was very hungry for sex. I removed my bra and his shorts.. His rock hard cock was saluting me. It’s of good size and good shape.. I liked the monster.. It was hot and hard ready to enter the hole. Rocky grabbed my tits and started sucking my nipples slowly and was teasing me.. while I was stroking his rock hard cock gently.

Rocky became restless and chewed my both nipples and sucked my lips passionately. I never had such a great kiss from my husband, never had orgasm without entering his dick.. but Rocky’s touch is amazing that I had orgasm by his touch.

Rocky said, darling.. you look my favorite sexy actress Hansika.. I liked his complement.. He grabbed me and lifted me up on his waist and I was sitting on his waist with my legs around him. His rock hard dick was poking my pussy from below. I said let’s go to bedroom and guided him while he was walking backwards by sucking my tits alternatively.

We reached our bedroom and we both fell on the bed.. He had a good look of me and kissed on my navel which gave me a electric wave.. He slowly removed my short and spread my legs. I placed a kiss on my pussy lips and inserted his tongue.. I was missing this since long time and enjoying every moment of it. Rocky was licking my pussy madly and was pressing his head.

I liked the finger fuck.. I was about to cum and Rocky suddenly stopped it.. I asked why.. He said to hold for a moment, you will have a great orgasm now.. I kissed him and licked all his body and started to blow his rock hard cock.. It was mouthful and tasty. I like sucked it like a lollipop.

“Neha, this is the best blowjob I had” said my darling.. We switched our places and changed to 69 position.. he inserted his tounge and was eating my pussy while I was sucking my favorite cock.. this was first time I was having with a man in this position and enjoyed it a lot.

After few mins rocky said it’s time to drill and asked me to sit on him, let’s do a lap dance.. he slowly inserted his rock hard cock inside my pussy and was feeling great.. we slowly moved and his cock entered completely inside me a.. We both were moving in rhythm and looking at each other and kissing passionately.

He kept fucking me for few mins and started licking my nipples and pinching me the other. Because of his actions I had second orgasm.. Like a wild cat I pulled his hairs, held his head and kissed.. I had best orgasm till date.. But his cock was rock hard and wasn’t easing at all.

He then let me bend and inserted from behind.. he fucked me crazily and pulled my hair and spanked me.. I liked all his actions.. he fucked like that for almost 20 mins in that positions and said let’s switch to missionary.. he then raised my legs while entering and banged me hard.. he gave hard strokes and I was in cloud nine and after 15 mins I reaching climax…

Rocky was pressing my tits hardly.. “Rocky.. I’m cumming… I’m cumming…” He said wait for a min and let’s cum together… after few strokes we both cummed together and reached climax.. He lied on me stayed placed on my tits.. I hugged him tightly.. We kissed for few mins.. I told him that I waited for this since long time.

“Even I’ve been waiting to taste these mangoes for a long time”.. by saying this he started sucking my nipples.. I took him to bathroom and had one more amazing fucking session under shower. Since then, we both have a good time.

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Sumanth enjoying sex with neighbour aunty English

Hello everyone im sumanth 26 year old 5.11 height handsome guy born and brought up in Bangalore basaveshwaranagar I completed masters and working in top mnc company which located in Whitefield. This is true story and writing this incident with her (viji) permission but slightly changing names due to security reason.

We are staying in apartment which consist 8 flats I’m the only young guy staying in our apartment and in our neighbor four people are there raj Kumar 44 year old businessman his wife vijayalakshmi 39 year old sexy typical south Indian Karnataka aunty looks sexy. She is my honey cake my darling my new lover ummmhhha.

They have two kid’s deepika 18 year old sexy chick and her brother kiran 12 year old. After completing my masters from vtu in 2014 and I was waiting for my results also searching for an job so I was jobless in that time.

From six years viji aunty is our neighbor she is pure sex cake mouthwatering figure she is pure sex bomb I was waiting to taste this pure honey and trying to impress my darling from six many years. She looks beautiful gorgeous I was eagerly waiting to speak with her. Viji darling structure is mouthwatering whitish color 5.9 height 38d her bra size her panty size is 90 to 100 cm I saw this in her panty.

Coming to incident one day I was watching TV in my home and shagging my dick by seeing hot movie I heard door locking sound so went to see near door my darling viji is going out so closed the door and took one bucket of clothes for washing to maid aunty.

She was late that day so viji aunty kept that bucket near cloth washing place in our apartment and went with her husband I saw this from my window it was weekday so I was only jobless in our building I was Horney that time so I went to see my darling viji aunty clothes in bucket in that bucket I found black and cream color bra and blue color plain jockey panty I took that panty

and black color bra and came back to my home and closed my room. My heart was beating very fast I closed my room door and sniffed her bra wow wow ohh my god what a smell it was my dick full standing I saw her bra size and kissed and sniffed her bra after that I took her panty ohh my god hmmmmm what a smell kissed her pussy area and ass area and sniffed ohh my god

she smells awesome dick rising smell and opened my night pant and put my dick on her panty pussy area wow what a feeling it was within two minutes white drops came out I cleaned with her panty and kept her bra and panty in same bucket and slept dreaming about viji darling from that day regularly I was smelling her panty and bra.

After this incident daily I was waiting for good opportunity one day her husband went out of station and her daughter was in her grandmother place only viji aunty and kiran was there and I was watching cricket match NatWest t2o bash in my home all are slept. Slowly I opened my door and I saw outside I went near her door and seen through windows all lights are off but I saw light

in her room so I thought may be viji aunty is still awake I went through common space which is back side of the building ohh my god window is open my heart is beating fast slowly I saw her room through window gap she was alone lying on her bed and messaging with someone 2min I saw my beautiful sexy viji aunty she got calls but she was not picking up that calls she cut the call

I went to my home and watching match after 10 minutes I saw all in my home all are slept. Again I went out and seen my sexy cake viji aunty. Near her window she went to toilet and came and slept so I came and watched match and slept thinking about her.

After two days she was speaking with my mom and telling her phone screen got Brocken and asking about repair shop my mom asked me to check how much it will cost because my mom knows I have friends who owns mobile shops I asked viji aunty give her mobile she asked me to come to her home after 5 min she was finished speaking with my mom and called me sumanth

come I will show my mobile I went with her she was opening key I saw her milky white tummy from side ohh my god super scene and I saw her black bra strap peeking form her white shoulder my mouth full of water by seeing her beauty.

she gave her mobile it was nokia lumia 530 she said sumanth check how much it will cost I don’t have mobile to use uncle also not their he calls me regularly I said aunty I have extra mobile (i had my old nokia lumia 610) I will give you use that mobile and I will ask and tell about this mobile she said its ok sumanth I will manage I said its ok viji aunty use my mobile I have extra one she

accepted I gave her my mobile and removed Sim from her mobile and put it in my mobile and gave her she said thanks. I thought in my mind ( who wants your thanks honey give my your ass ) and I had been to my friend mobile repair shop and asked he said ok maga I will give you tomorrow. it will cost 2250 along with touch screen it’s comes.

I asked viji aunty she said ok and said call me sumanth once you got my mobile she was giving me the amount I said no after my repair I will collect. She said ok call me I will collect my mobile I said I don’t have your mobile number so we exchanged our mobile numbers.

After one day my friend called me to take mobile I went and took her mobile from my friend shop afternoon I came back and put one sim in mobile to see her photos in gallery. ohh my god I found her family photo deepika and viji aunty photo ohh my god my darling face is tempting her lips with red lipstick is mouthwatering I seen her pictures and masturbated.

After that I checked her contacts and I checked her message on whatsapp I found conversation with Naveen ohh my god I was surprised that person had sent lot of romantic messages with lot of kissing smileys but viji aunty response was ignoring I think she was not interested in that conversation.

I saw messages he was telling that she looks gorgeous without cloths and that wonder law scene is amazing blah blah. viji aunty replied to that by saying is that was an accidental now you are married so stop all this naveen. What will happen if your wife knows? Blah blah blah.

And after this I went to her home and returned her mobile and I got my mobile back she is very happy said thanks to me I came to home and started watching TV after some time I checked my mobile which viji aunty used.

She forgot to delete messages I found conversation with naveen again they have spoken about mobile repair he was telling viji your taking your neighbor advantage by showing your beauty it’s not good n all. viji said nothing like that. so I thought she have good opinion on me after few days there is no power in our building one courier guy came and asked vijaylakshmi so I showed her

home after 3 minutes he said no one is opening the door so I said to wait him I went near her back side window that was opened slightly ohh my god ohh my god I saw viji darling with one man he is hugging viji aunty from back she is resisting slowly she closed her eyes he is kissing viji darling neck my dick raised I called her name viji aunty she opened her eyes and they maintained distance.

I said courier guy is waiting she said coming I came to front door viji aunty came and received after that five minutes he went out and viji aunty started to avoiding me.one day afternoon she came to meet my mom she was not their she came and asking me about her daughter cet exam.

While speaking one bike came I saw he the same guy who was in vijy aunty home I said I will tell you alter aunty you go now some guest came to your home so that your busy she got tensed and went out after five minutes he went vijy aunty came again. I asked deliberately why aunty so soon you came where is guest she said he came to collect some documents that’s it he is uncle friend

n all I said ohh is it I know this person he is coming to smoke near my friend area I will ask uncle about him leave she got tensed and said sumanth I know you saw us that day so you speaking like this please don’t assume anything that day happened unfortunately there is no such thing between us n all.

I said ayyo aunty when I said like that you only telling all what for me that’s your personal matter do whatever you want I don’t know anything she said he is my class mate he is only forcing me to speak I said tell uncle he will take care she said no I can’t tell him. From after that day we spoke a lot on phone and whatsapp after few days I went to my friend area my friend speaking with that guy (naveen)

he said he have affair with my road aunty so im giving warning he bribing me I said ok where he went he my friend said he will come going to get money n all I after 20 minutes he came I said if again I saw you anywhere be care full and took his number and sent him home later I called him n asked he said am going Noida next week its near to my home town I got job so please leave I said ok.

After that I informed vijy aunty from now onwards he won’t disturb you aunty be happy n all she asked why what you did n all. After one week I called him his number has switched off I thought he relocated after that me and viji aunty become very much close. one day we are speaking I said intentionally to her reaction vijy aunty learn to delete conversation after chatting she said no

problem don’t worry I said that was romantic conversation lovers speaks like that she asked which and when I said with your friend naveen I saw conversation she got shocked and asked me to delete. I said no (jokingly ). she asked me why I said simply even I saw you people what was doing that day in your home she got shocked,

she said please don’t tell anybody I asked to tell her love story she said no love story nothing I was studied in girls college so no love story n all I said don’t tell lie aunty for you at least 10 proposal u got she was full blushing while speaking she started to scold naveen baldly I asked why aunty why you scolding your best friend she said he is not my best friend nothing.

i said you ladies are unpredictable don’t know when you like us when you hate us but one thing is sure you ladies always likes bad persons not good person like me she said no we don’t like bad persons I said shut up aunty don’t tell lie I will prove you she said ok how prove then I said that day I saw you and naveen hugged each other when I came to call you don’t tell lie she said he

only hugged me not me ok so I said yes you likes that person so allowed him to hug you if any good persons like me hugs you will scold us right? directly our eyes met she is blushing she gives me smile I said if nothing like that bet 500rs I will prove if I lose I will give you 500rs ready ? She said ok I said ok wait I will get money from home and went and changed dress to night pant and tee shirt and came back with 500rs.

She was in kitchen I went and closed door I said again aunty why you lose 500rs accept fact she said no way ok bet fixed she was standing in front of gas stove and cooking I was standing near her kitchen she was in her green color chudidhar her milky white hands her back ohh my god I was tempting to hug her from back she asked me to prove I said ok wait five minutes aunty

and I was in mood I went near her my heart beating very fast I saw her ass ohh my god I can’t control I said aunty I will prove you and lightly I hugged her. ohh my god I can’t express my feeling in words her skin in like smooth butter I pressed my dick properly to her ass crack she smells great she was shocked by my act even I was worried I came back she asked what are you doing

I said see aunty I said know? You like only bad people you lost the bet give me 500 rs if you want I will prove you again she said ok prove again. I said you don’t scold I will prove she is smiling and said ok I said ok done you do cooking I will prove she turned aside again I hugged my darling from back my dick pressed her soft ass my hands on her belly my lips kissing her neck

area she is not resisting ohh my god I was in heaven softly I pressed her boobs o god it was so soft one hand trying to search her pussy area wow amazing feeling I said viji aunty I love you she is moaning breathing hard. five minutes we are in same position romancing like new lovers my dick is in heaven slowly she is coming to my control am kissing all over her neck and pressing

her wonderful soft boobs im moaning ahhh ahhh viji aunty. She is also moaning ahhha haaa she said to wait I said no I cant darling she is going to off the gas stove and she turned around and hugged me tightly ohh my god I was in heaven im massaging her back now its so soft and my hands went near her ass wow what a soft bums I pressed hardly.

after two minutes we moved to bed room while entering bed room I was in full mood I hugged her and we both seeing each other she is full blushing I started kissing her cheeks forehead and her juice lips wow its heavenly feeling 5 minutes our lip locked what a kiss it was ummmhhha.

After that am started to press her boobs over her chudidar she closed her eyes and moaning like ahhh ahhha sumanth press hard I thrown away my tee shirt now her soft hand caressing my hairs and back. Wow feeling wonderful I lifted her top I saw he milky white tummy and kissed my hands massaging her legs I took her legs started to kiss her fingers ankles her cough muscles he legs

is so nice I went near her pussy area wow wonderful feeling kissing and biting her pussy area over her pant her pussy is hot and delicious she is caressing my hair and pressing hard I took her palm and kissed me also moaning viji darling I love you I opened her pant ohh my god ohh my god what a puffy cake blue panty I softly bites her puffy pussy she went mad she is moaning.

Again I kissed her juicy lips our tongue romancing I pressing her boobs I asked viji darling I want your sweet milk feed me she said am all yours do whatever you want don’t ask me I replied honey thank you I opened her bra white boobs 38 sized ripe mangos in front of my eyes brown nipple and I took her right boob in my mouth and pressing left boob.

wow her underarms also cleanly shaven full erotic and sexy underarm after five minutes I went near her pussy area I touched her pussy line wow soft opened her panty sniffed her panty what a smell ummmmmmmm ha I inserted my finger wow pink heaven mouthwatering pussy. Brown puffy little bit of hairs that was wonderful and one of the beautiful heaven pussy.

I started licking her pussy she gone mad 15 minutes I ate her salty hot pussy she is in heaven moaning loudly. I was so eager of sucking pussy and that wish was fulfilled and I moved to her ass wow real heaven pure soft bums I bites her bum she gone wild and spread her ass wow brownish ass hole I started to lick her ass hole she is moaning like hell I got scared what if somebody listen?

She was completely in pleasure with eyes half closed.i fingered her pussy while licking her ass I fingered her ass hole too. I have already spent many hours enjoying her beautiful body. She is asking me to fuck but no condom I said honey first give me a blowjob I will fuck you daily I won’t leave you.

I’m also moaning viji baby you are sexy slut I will fuck your sexy ass. she touches my dick wow what a soft hands feeling awesome she is sucking my dick wow heavenly feeling I asked to come 69th position oh …… god it was a pleasure of my life we both were in heaven. It was my life one of the best moment. I moaned jerked deep inside her mouth.

she is held my sweating body tenderly caressing my head after that she got up and wore her clothes we kissed deeply again and I went back to my home that day feeling wonderful again I was waiting for chance that day night she came to close the gate I went behind her and kissed almost 2 minutes pressed her sexy ass we both are very much scary she was in nighty

I took her panty and went home and sniffed and cummed on her pussy area that was super night for me from next day onwards we opened the door of real heaven still so much to tell you guys until enjoy …..I will write down further in next part but before that I would like to get reader’s precious feedback.

Drunk sex with my best friend: English SEX Story

This is a true story about me having sex with my best friend after many years of friendship.  I changed her name in the story, just in case.

This recently happened about a week ago, but I will give a bit of a back story as well.

Jessica has been my best friend since 7th grade.  At first I felt intimidated because she was very good looking.  She was an early bloomer, having a really nice set of tits so early into puberty.
In middle school, she was head over heels for my guy best friend Andrew.  Andrew, I won’t lie, was one of the more good looking guys in my school. We always hung out together and he would tell me how he wanted to fuck Jessica.  Andrew had a girlfriend though, and he wouldn’t cheat on her for Jessica.
Being my best friend, Jessica would complain about Andrew and his girlfriend to me all the time- which was annoying after a while.  This actually lasted until senior year of high school, but that’s not important.

Anyways, in our first semester of freshman year of high school, Jessica was very lonely I assume, and always depressed.  She would come over to my house all the time and cry and talk about her problems. She didn’t have many friends besides me, which kind of shocked me because she was VERY attractive.  Many of the other girls didn’t like her because of her clothing.  She dressed in mini skirts and low cut shirts and tank tops.  Overall she looked pretty skanky, I won’t lie.  But that wasn’t really a problem for the guys, who always used cat calls and such.  She hated that, she was not a slut or anything.  She was very normal, but many didn’t see her that way.

One day when she was at my house, she was sitting on my brothers bed and I was on mine.  Nobody was home except the two of us.  We were facing eachother an just talking about something, I can’t remember.  I just remember for some reason, she stood up and grabbed my hands and way swaying them back and forth asking me to stand up.  I got up and I remember we were laughing and I fell back and landed on my bed, me now laying down.  She suddenly leaned  forward and placed her lips against mine.  She hadn’t fallen, she climbed on top of me.  She had both her hands on my neck, and we were instantly making out very intimately.  She bit my lips gently and licked the roof of my mouth.  I can still vividly remember this scene, as it was my first kiss.
I placed my hands on her ass, slowly lifting her mini skirt (which didn’t need to be lifted that far), and grabbed her small, but tight ass.  I squeezed harder than I should have, but she seemed ok with it.  This was very intense for me, especially since neither of us had been with anyone before.  I tried to take off her shirt, but she stopped me and immediately got off of me.  She just walked out and we never talked about it again.

She got a boyfriend soon after, but we still remained best friends.  I got with my girlfriend  in my junior year (I have a story about her as well).  We still hung out every day, never experiencing any awkwardness or regret from our little make out session.  However, in our last semester of high school, I began noticing that she would flirt with me a bit.  She would call me stud and sexy, ect.  Sometimes she’d sit in my lap and even pretend that she was a stripper at my “future bachelor party” and give me a little lap dance.  I never objected to this, since we hadn’t shown any signs of affection or sexual interest for over 3 and a half years.

We graduated high school and nothing changed, since we both went to very close schools.  I saw her a little less, but enough to remain close friends.

One day, she sends me a text, which I will copy and paste.
This is the actual text conversation :

Jessica: omg man, like we seriously need to get drunk together one of these days!
Me: lol, you’re suddenly an alcoholic now?
Jessica: no haha, but I have drunken before with my bf at parties! It’s totes fun 🙂
Me:  well get a bottle and we’ll see what happens then lol
Jessica: really??? Yay! You have to see me drunk! I get really friendly :)))
Me: lol friendly? Like how?
Jessica: you’ll have to wait and see 😉

After this we changed the topic.

After re reading that little mini conversation, I thought only dirty thoughts.  I was actually getting turned on by the idea of us drinking together alone, imagining why might happen.
I didn’t go crazy thinking about it, but I kept the idea of us possibly hooking up in the back of my mind.

A few weeks passed and she sends me a text, this time a picture of her in a thong.

Jessica: what do you think of these panties?
Me: wow what the hell lol.  All of a sudden your asking me to check you out? Haha but yea, you look sexy as hell in those.
Jessica: omg it doesn’t even matter lol, it’s not like anything would ever come of it anyways 😛
Me: true, but still- imagine if kellie saw them? That would suck lol
Jessica: well then just don’t tell her lol

Kellie and Jessica became best friends after i started dating kellie, which actually began to worry me now.

Brianna kept sending me pictures of herself in very provocative clothing and asking when we would get drunk together, until we finally decided to schedule our little drinking date.

I live at home right now and commute to my school.  So as of right now, it’s really hard to get any alone time from a house of 4.

Eventually, the perfect day came where my parents where going to visit some old friends and my brother was going to go out drinking with friends.

I tagged along with my brother do he could bye me a bottle, since I’m still only 19.  He got me Jack Daniels, which I didn’t object to.

He dropped me back off at home, and I got in my car and headed off to pick up Jessica.

She told me to park outside and wait until she was ready, when finally she walked out wearing another mini skirt that was barely covering anything.  When she walked pass the front of my car, I could see that she was wearing the thong that she had sent me a pic of her wearing.  She also had on a red tube top that showed off her almost D cup sized tits.  I seriously had never looked at her the way I was right then.  I had a boner so intense, it was clearly visible through my pants.  When she got into the car, I tried to hide it, but she quickly glanced at it.  She didn’t say a word, she didn’t even look at me.  She just gave a small smile, and looked down.

We got to my house and small talked for a bit.  We eventual began talking about high school and how we hated it, ect.

She finally brought up what we hadn’t talked about for 4 years now.  We talked about that make out session we had and how we were both surprised at how it was never awkward after.

I poured us both some drinks and we continued to talk on the couch.  She started asking me about kellie and how she can’t believe we are still together, and that she is really happy for us.  That was a little weird, especially since she had asked me to lie to kellie about us drinking together, which I obviously agreed to.

She talked about her boyfriend and how she hated him now, and that she’s only with him because she doesn’t like being alone.

She puts down her drink and lays her head on my shoulder, telling me how I’m the only guy that ever treated her right, and never tried to make a move

We sensed it was getting a little too romantic, so we both quickly changed the subject

Eventually, we both started to get buzzed, especially after we both decided to take shots.

After about 4 shots of jack and 2 drinks, it was safe to say that we were both pretty drunk.

She’s very active when drunk, she gets hyper and likes to move a lot.  She got off the couch and was just slowly bobbing her head and dancing in a goofy way while holding her drink that still seemed extremely sexy because of her outfit.   I could see her ass bounce everytime she turned around and her tits seemed to almost be popping out of her top.

Eventually, and it must have been the drunk me talking, I laughed and said how cute her small ass was.  She got jokingly mad and objected, saying that she had a great ass.

She stood in front of me and bent over, grabbed my hand, and placed it on her left ass cheek.  I heart froze.  She looked at me and asked “You can’t tell me that THAT is not a nice ass!”

I pulled my hand away and laughed

“ok, yea that ass is pretty damn hot”

We both laughed, and she took a seat on my lap.

Her ass felt so soft on my leg, I really wanted to keep squeezing it, but I was afraid she might get bothered.

She quickly got up and was suddenly all excited

“oh my gosh! I totally made up a dance I’m gonna do at your bachelor party when you get married!”

I laughed at her and said that she couldn’t dance right now since she was drunk.

“please, I am NOT that drunk” she said,  laughing at herself because she knew that wasn’t true.

She stopped laughing and turned away from me, slowly lowing her ass onto my groin.  I couldn’t move, I wanted to stop her but I felt like my body was totally against me at this point.  I knew if this continued, we might end up doing something we would both regret.

She lifted her skirt so her small but firm ass was in clear view.  She placed it on my boner, slowly moving it in a circular motion.

She turned around and began taking off her top.

“what are you doing?” I asked her calmly, as I was beginning to feel the drinks hitting me a lot harder now

She whispered to me while now taking off her bra, “You can’t have a stripper who doesn’t show off her boobs.”

She now sat on my lap facing me, her legs wide open on each side of me.  Her tits kept rubbing up against my chest.  I really wanted to fuck her, but I knew it was wrong.  Too bad the liquor wasn’t going to let either of us stop.

She continued grinding my dick and wrapped her arm around my neck while leaning back and putting her other arm behind her head. My hands were to my sides, not touching her at all.  She finally leaned forward and told me that it was ok to touch, but I was really nervous about cheating on my girlfriend.

She put her chin on my shoulder, right next to my ear and whispered to me in a very sad and gentle voice- almost as if she was begging and about to cry, “You can touch me anyway you want to.”

I tried to move her back, but she was still wrapped around me tightly, still grinding her hot body against mine.

I was totally against it at this point, I KNEW that what we were doing was wrong and that I shouldn’t have ever aloud this to happen, but my body was not letting me do what I wanted to.

She began kissing my neck and gently nibbling my ear lobe.  She was still grinding me.  I finally got overwhelmed and placed my hands on her ass, just like I did my freshman year of high school.

I squeezed her ass and moved her thong over so I could have full access.  I reached down and found her asshole, slowly prodding it with my middle finger.

I don’t know if she felt it or not, she was going crazy on my neck and ear.  She kissed me like as if she hadn’t had sex in years, which I know was not true.

I stuck my finger into her ass, slowly moving it in out repeatedly.  Finally, she gave off a small moan, her head still buried in my neck.

Her asshole was so tight and warm, I had never done any anal play with my girlfriend before. This was incredible.

She began to take off my shirt and I took my finger out of her ass so I could pull it off.  She threw the shirt to the side and started liking my chest and nipples, which again, I had not ever had done to me before.

My dick began to throb and and couldn’t stop myself from letting out a small grunt of pleasure.  She reached down and started to massage my cock over my jeans, which felt amazing.  She came up and starts kissing me wildly, with intense amounts of tongue.  I clearly remembered the taste of her lips- and I felt like I had died and went to heaven.  Her lips were so sweet and juicy, if it weren’t for the taste of the Jack Daniels, they would have been perfect.

She got off me and got on her knees, unbuckling my belt and lowering my pants to my ankles.

She grabbed my cock and looked at for a few seconds, slowly jerking it up and down.  She pulled my foreskin, revealing the head of my cock which was very swollen.  She placed her glossy lips onto the head of my cock and I could feel her tongue wrap around it.  She gently sucked and licked my head, then she reached down and grabbed my balls, slowly massaging them.

She grabbed the shaft of my cock and prepared to insert my entire cock down her throat.  She took my entire cock in, following right behind her hand.  She came back up slowly, her hand now following her lips. She jerked and sucked me off very slowly and intimately.

She never sped up too much, she seemed to just want to enjoy my cock in her mouth.  Her eyes were closed the entire time, she never opened them once. I laid my head back and shut my eyes.

She continued to slowly Move up and down cock, occasionally taking it out in order to lick the head or suck my balls.

She finally stopped and stood up.  I opened my eyes to see her facing away bent over, taking off her panties.  She lifted her left leg, reaching down to pick them up.  She then tossed them aside  and turned to face me.  She grabbed my hand and placed it on her shaved pussy.  I looked at her eyes which seemed to be glistening.

She opened her mouth to say something, but nothing came out.

I stood up and began to kiss her, my hand still placed on her pussy.  She wrapped her arms around my neck and started to play with my tongue.

I stuck both my index and middle finger into her and began to finger her. Her mouth opened wide and she began to moan.  I wasn’t being slow and gentle like she had been with me, I fingered her fast and hard, letting all her wet fluid soak my fingers and fall onto the floor.  I took my middle finger out and began to rub her clit.  Her legs began to shake and her moans got louder- and she got harder to kiss because her mouth wouldn’t stop opening wide.

She finally stopped kissing me and put her face into my neck.  She tugged on my hair as I spend up and her leg lifted and wrapped around me.

I pulled her off and bent her over the couch in doggy style position.  I immediately went down and started licking her pussy from behind her.  She forced her face into the cushions as a searched her juicy wet pussy with my tongue, tasting her sweetness.  I stuck my middle finger into her asshole as I ate her pussy.  It was so tight, I couldn’t imagine fucking it with my hard cock.

I came up and started to prod my cock into her asshole.  She didn’t object, so I assumed she had done it before with her boyfriend enough that it wasn’t painful to her.

I slid in slowly, causing her to take in and hold her breath for a few seconds before releasing it all in one huge sigh of pleasure.  I grabbed her cheeks with both hands, spreading her small ass open.  I started off slowly, watching as she turned her head to lay on the cushion.  She had her eyes closed and her teethe were showing.  She was gritting her teeth, which made me think it might be hurting her.

“should I stop?”
“no, keep going”

I took her word, and began to quickly pick up pace.

She gave out a huge cry as I suddenly sped up, fucking her tight asshole harder and harder each second.  Her cry turned into moans.  She squeezed the couch cushions as I ass fucked her.

I began to go so hard, she began letting out small farts which were accompanied by loud moans. Normally I would probably be turned off by this, but being drunk, I was totally fucking wild about it.

Her ass clapped against my thighs as I pressed deep into her with no signs of slowing down. I continued to fuck her ass intensely, pulling her close to me with every thrust.

I was pretty drunk, so I could not feel an orgasm coming on at this point.  I must have fucked her ass hard for about 15 minutes before finally stopping to rest.

I pulled my cock out and sat next to her, sweat dripping off me onto the couch.  She got up and faced away from me.  She bent down over my cock and grabbed it with her hand, slowly slipping it back into her ass.

She sat down on my cock, being completely inside of her ass.  She then started rotating her body in a circular motion, just like she had done in the lap dance.

I wrapped my arm around her and grabbed her firm tits.  I squeezed them as she began to bounce her ass on my cock.  She leaned forward and grabbed the coffee table.  She began to heavily bounce up and down on my cock.  Seeing it slide in and out of her little asshole was so fucking hot.

I placed both my hands on her ass and brought it up and down faster and harder.  She began to moan harder.  Sweat started dripping down her back and down the crack of her ass and onto my cock.  I was so horny.

I wrapped my hands around her stomach and squeezed her tight to me. She placed her hands on mine as I quickly brought her body down heavily onto my cock.   Her moans turned into squeals, a mixture of pain and pleasure.

I could feel the orgasm finally building up.

I quickly got up and placed her back into doggy style.  I slipped my cock back in immediately.  I grabbed both her arms and pulled them back with every thrust of my cock.

I started to feel my cum about to burst out of my cock.

“I’m going to cum.”

Before I could cum inside her ass, she pulled herself off me and got on her knees.  She quickly grabbed my cock and stuck it deep down her throat.  She sucked it ferociously.  She wrapped her hands around my ass to help me fuck her throat.  I grabbed the back of her head and shoved my cock deep into her throat and began to spray cum into her welcoming mouth.  Her eyes closed tightly and tears began to shed as she gagged and swallowed all of my load.

I pulled out and she gasped for air, her hands placed on her chest.

She looked at me and smiled, laughing a bit.

“Damn that felt good.” I said.

She giggled and nodded her head.  “you’re fucking crazy you know that? ”

“why?” I said with a huge smirk on my face.

“that shit was hurting at some point and you just kept going harder!”

We both laughed and I apologized for being too rough.

We both got dressed and just relaxed for a few hours.  We eventually passed out, waking up mostly sobered up.

My brother was already asleep in his room.

I decided that I would take her home in the morning, just in case I was still drunk.  I didn’t want to drive at this point.

The next morning I took her home and we didn’t really say much.  It wasn’t awkward, just quiet.

Yesterday she texted me, telling me she had fun and that she broke up with her boyfriend.  She also told me that she’s transferring to a private school, one which is far greater than the one she attends now.  This school is hours away, so I probably won’t be seeing a lot of her until semester breaks.

I doubt we will have any more encounters such as this one, but if we do- you can expect another story from me in the future.

Thanks for reading!

My first sex- Interesting English SEX Story

I am 22 yrs guy my name is khan from SARGODHA height 5’11″ very fair well bulid. I belong to a well off family. I wana disclose a true a story.  Which happened when I was 18 yrs We were very friendly with our neighbor among there children’s there was 21 yrs girl named Sara she was very beautiful fair complexion having excellent figure 36D-28-34 . She use wear to tight salwar kameez showing assets well . We use to often visit each other. Sara and I was close and good friends. One Friday I went to there home it was 4 o’clock in evening her mom and dad both were working were in there office her brother was gone for tuition would come back at 6 0r 6:30 in the evening.

The door was not locked she might have forgot to lock it. So I went in there was on one i went to Sara’s bedroom door was half closed and I could see inside & heard some sound ooooo ah aha ahha mmmmm ahha. I hide myself behind door and so that I can see her see wont be able to see me. I saw she was in sleeping position on her bed her salwar was below her legs and pink tight kameez on her upper part of her body she inserting a candle in hairy pussy (choot ) was fucking her pussy fast with it in between she was squeezing her boobs and was palying with nipple.  Her eyes were closed she was enjoying it. My lund became hard and was standing like a 6 inch (Now my lund is 8 inches thanks to Sara) pole. I became bold and opened zipper and brought my lund out started to pressing and playing with it while watching her.

While doing this for sometime closed my eyes and my elbow banged on the door with the sound I opened my eyes. I saw her frightened and she threw the candle and wore her jeans in a hurry came near to the door and I had no time put my pole inside I was standing there still with my fully erected lund outside. She saw me and my lund her face was was red. We were quite for min looking at eachother.  She said Om come inside she took me to her bedroom and made me sit on her bed. I said (door open tha) she was shocked stood up and closed the door I was walking behind her .We came back and both sat on the bed she told om we are have been good friends. I was horny today when I came back to home I saw English movie the actor actress fucked each other nicely. I did this. As now you saw all this is good and we can have lot of fun if you wish to have.

She asked I just moved my head saying yes She kissed me on my lips I enjoying it this was first time getting kissed. After sometime I also did what she was doing to me. she said remove my t-shirt then she was in black bra which was holding her big boobs I unhooked it too. Then she said remove my jeans she stood up I removed her now she only in her black panty wow what good size ass. Then removed my clothes this was my first time she shaked my dick made big again took it in her mouth and took lund up the throat moved lora up and down in her mouth very fast. I was moaning and my hand were on her boobs rubbing soft big boobs and pinching her with nipples her nipple good and long light brown.

She stopped sucking my Lora and said (meri nipple tumhay achay lagay I said hain tu ennay kato aur blood kikal do bite then let blood come out )I started to suck her nipple she said bite .I slowly bite it with my teeth’s. She and I was enjoying were becoming very much then she Said ( meri choot ko chato please please with such needed face although I was in on mood to suck it but I did it for her after some I started enjoyit too.)  My face was in buried in her pussy (choot ) slowly slowly I started to put my tongue into her clit moved my tongue round and round into her pussy and tongue fucked her.( she making sound bahut acha lag raha hai main kab socha nahi thi main kab inta mazha kar saku ghi shadi say phela )her juices stated to flow more and more. She said (ab mujay chodo fuck me) well at that time I was not knowing how start that.

She understood sat over hold my dick inserted it in (choot hole pussy )Oooooooooo at thought my dick is gone today )started jump over my dick then fast more fast and fast.(she said asli lora say chuday na ko mazha hai wo candle nahi ata ) this went on fifteen for mins. I said I am coming Sara. Pulled out ( lora dick ) and started shake it I cummed in her hand. She said I love you I love you so much she hugged me kissed on my lips.We were sleeping on the bed holding each other hands tightly. I said I was attracted to from the day they came in next door.

She too was attracted to me loved me. While talking all this she playing my lora it became erected again.  She said ( yay tu phir khada ho raha hai I said hain ) She went to dressing table and brought some oil her hand applied on ass hole ( esay chodo I stood on the floor and she on the bed in doggy style opening ass hole to me ) I went near her she took my (dick lund ) with hand inserted in her hole told ( ab chodo na ) I slowly started to move it was very tight then fast (she was saying meri gandh phar do phar do ghand aur zor say aur zor say ) after ten mins I was about to cum (she said mera nikal nay wala hai ) I got my out and she pressed dick on boobs shaked it I cum on her boobs.

After that we were love with each other we fucked whenever we can. I fucked her on birthday she said that would be her gift.  She got married after a year.After I never had such good sex . . Ladies between 18 to 30 looking to have sex or friendship from Sargodha or bhalwal. You can Please contact me On [email protected] 100 % secrecy assured take it guaranteed.