Sex On The Terrace With Ritu Bhabhi- English SEX Story

Hey guys!!My name is shahid kapoor and i am a Delhi guy with an unending desire to fuck ladies older than me.I have posted a story about my ritu bhabhi whom i fuck every now and then.Today i would like to tell you the second best sex experience i had with her.Ritu bhabhi is 8 years older than me.

I am 20 and she is 28. I always fantasized having sex with her so when i saw her bras and panties drying out in the sun i couldnt resist picking them up and smelling and licking them.But i didnt know that bhabhi was standing there watching me lick her underwear.
That day she came close to me grabbed my dick with her right hand and started squeezing it. She kissed me on the lips and put her tongue inside my mouth. It was so hot licking her tongue like that.We kissed for a while with me pressing her boobs like they were some squeeze toy.Her lipstick was all over my face and i was ready to suck any part of her body that she wanted me to.
But then there people around and we both don’t wanna get caught although we did want to fuck so bad that i started massaging her cunt.
Although with great difficulty but she refused, That was the day when my sexual experiences with bhabhi started to happen.
The second best experience(so far):
Usually bhabhi used to call me at night when bhaiyya was out for business and her kids were asleep but one fine day she called me in the evening for “chai”, which really turned out to be super hot sex.
I knew that we were gonna have sex, so every time i went to her house i always took a few condoms with me.When i reached her house i saw that she was in a black transparent saree with a bra as a blouse and no petticoat but just her panties.Her lingerie was matching and her figure was so hot it turned me on.She opened the door, took me in and we started kissing. I was pushing my tongue in her mouth as far as i could. We kissed for a while upto the point where are mouths ran dry of saliva.
She then opened her legs lifted her saree up and smashed my face into her hot, wet pussy.I licked her smelly cunt and made her even more wet.She was rubbing her clit as i licked her pussy.Since i licked her pussy every time we had sex, that day i started licking her asshole.She was continuously rubbing her clit with my tongue inside her anus.She started getting really turned on with her ass being licked.
Then i asked her to blow my dick. She was the best blowjob in town. I always thought bhaiyya was so lucky to have such blowjobs every night.
As she was sucking me hard i came on her face and it was a lot of cum. I cum more when the sex is hotter.I blew my load all over her face.She gently used her finger and took some of my cum and ate it.
Just as i came i was a bit tired so we both lied down for a while. I asked bhabhi why did she call me in the evening which was unusual. She smiled with a whore like look on her face and said, come i’ll show you.She wore her lingerie again, grabbed me by my dick and took me to the terrace.We were both now on her house’s terrace with me naked and her in her lingerie only. This was so hot that i was already ready to cum.
Then she said, today i want to fuck in the open. I want people to see me fuck my hot devar.I was startled by the whole idea of out-in-the-open sex. Of course i immediately agreed.
We started kissing again and i started removing her bra just as i unclasped her bra she closed it again and asked me to insert my dick between her boobs inside the bra.It was so hot. She was spitting on her boobs.It felt like i was making a porn. We used to watch porn to search for sex ideas. She was using them.After fucking her boobs. I started massaging her vagina. Just when i was about to go for the fuck i realised i left my condoms in the wallet downstairs. When i told bhabhi this she said “fuck condoms, we’ll have unprotected sex today.” i was surprised and turned on by this but i also feared that i could get her pregnant.
But then she told me that it was her safe time of the month after which i could fuck her tension-free.Just as i was about to remove the panty she refused again and made a hole through it with her nails and asked me to fuck her through the hole. She also gagged herself with my hand and made me fuck her for an hour almost. I came twice in that time.Just as i was about to cum the third time she said this time cum inside me.I was scared that if i get her pregnant what would happen.
But then i couldnt refuse to her sexy body and her hot pussy after all that she had done for me that day.I came a load inside her pussy and started kissing her on her tits. She then got up and cum was dripping out of her pussy.That was hot.She dripped out all the cum and wanted to fuck again but i couldn’t do it as i was thoroughly dehydrated.We the went downstairs i lifted her and kissed her while we walked down.
When we arrived downstairs i saw a bunch of balloon packets in her room.There is one thing i would like to confess about myself and that is i like balloons.Balloons turn me on.I blow them up and stroke them with my dick.Bhabhi knew that and she intentionally placed them in her room to tease me.When i asked her if i could take some with me she refused saying that they were for her daughters birthday party.We kissed for a while and then i left her house.
However the balloon experience turned out to be a whole different story all together. That is the best experience of my life. Incest and ballons. What more do i want? I will be narrating the balloon story in short while. Meanwhile masturbate to this story.
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