Long Awaited Sex With My Elder Brother’s Gorgeous College Mate

Hi Friends, I’m Arun. I’m 26 years old and I’m here to share with you my unforgettable sexual experience with my elder brother’s college mate, Jayashree after a really long wait. She is 31 years old and looks really stunning, dark brownish complexion, gorgeous face, a little plumpy cylinder shaped arms and a superb structure. I was looking at her for the last 10 years from her college days when she used to visit my place after her college and during holidays. Right from my school days I was so attracted towards her that my dick used to grow big and hard immediately on seeing her. I had no crush or love towards her but a deep desire to somehow sleep with her one day or the other.

I had no guts to go to her and ask for sex as she was my brother’s college mate and also she being a frequent visitor to home, everyone in the family knows her. I could only manage to masturbate thinking of her, and I did only that for 10 years. In the meantime, she got married back in 2010 and also has 2 kids now. I really envied her husband who managed to fuck her at least twice where I’m still itching to taste her for years. We hardly met or conversed after her marriage as she almost stopped visiting my place. We just used to chat over messages and me and my brother used to visit her once in blue moon.

Nearly a year after the birth of her second kid, by March 2015, I met her in my friend’s sister’s marriage function, and boy, she looked so stunning and gorgeous that I could not control myself. She was wearing a black saree with a silver and red border and a yellow blouse and actually was back to her original figure. She was really fat when she gave birth to her second child and I was amazed to see her back to her normal body structure. We were sitting together in the marriage hall and I did not know what to do. My dick slowly started to hit my pants and I managed to keep the gift over my lap to cover it up.

I asked her “What happened? From fatty, you are looking so fit now?” She said “Its full-fledged work out.” I could not control myself and somehow opened up and told her straight “You are looking gorgeous.” She turned and smiled at me and softly said “Thanks. I have always seen you as if you want to tell me something but you shy away. At least now you came out with whatever you had to say.” I smiled and said “In that case, you are gorgeous since I saw you for the first time.”

She gasped a laughter and closed her mouth as the marriage rituals were going on. She slowly asked me “Approximately, how many times would you have wanted to hit at me like this and you swallowed your words?” I said “Every time I saw you. You count for yourself how many times you have visited my place and how many times I have come your place.” She gave a broad smile at me and turned and started focusing on the marriage rituals. After the marriage, we had lunch and almost all guests were gone. It was late in the afternoon and the marriage hall attendants started to pile up the plastic chairs in one corner of the hall.

As I came down from the dining area, there were hardly few people inside the hall and Jayashree was sitting alone in one corner. I went and asked her “What are you waiting for?” She said “My husband would come and pick me up. I’m waiting for him.” I also decided to sit and pass time with her. She was so tempting that I got really restless. I decided to take a picture of her actually to use it for my masturbation but told her “I need to show your pic to mom and brother.” She posed with a really sweet smile and caught a picture of her up to her upper arms beyond which I could not manage to go down as her face could get cut. We were speaking for sometime after that and she said “I need to come home one day to visit your mom and also need to visit your brother.” As my brother was staying separately after marriage. I said “Sure. Come home.”

In sometime, her husband came to pick her up and I rushed to my place, got into my bathroom, kept my phone on the flush tank with her photo on my mobile and started masturbating. I masturbated really hard that day and as I ejaculated my semen just splashed out of my dick thrice and boy, I was sweating so heavily. I told myself that if this is level of excitement for just masturbating thinking of her, how it would be if I get to fuck her.”

About two months passed by and by mid May 2015, Jayashree visited my place, one Sunday. She came without even informing us. As a matter of coincidence, my parents were out. Both of us sat and started to chat. She was wearing a white sleeveless chudidhar and a black dupatta. She was so hot and tempting that day that I could not resist that day. We were sitting on a sofa and I slowly moved closer to her and got really close that my face was right over her right shoulder. Surprisingly, she did not ignore or pull her away from me but she kept looking at me. Our faces were too close that it was just a matter of angling my face and pressing my lips over her lips.

I slowly tilted my face and as she kept looking at my eyes and lips up and down, I moved a bit more further and pressed my lips over her. She opened her mouth slowly and I locked my lower lips with her upper lips. We started to suck each others’ lips passionately and I slowly put my hands on her shoulders, slowly rolled down her plumpy arms. We had a really good smooch for a few seconds as I kept gently sucking her soft and juicy lips and she was also very passionate in kissing me.

After a few seconds, I tried to take it to the next level and as I held her waist and tried to pull her up on to me, she stopped me, pushed me back, stood up and by putting her hands inside her hair, she kept thinking for a while. I sat back and was watching her as to what she is going to do next. After a few seconds, she picked up her purse and left saying “Tell aunty that I came to visit her once she comes.” She was neither angry nor smiling at me and I did not understand what she was trying to do. I was desperate to take her to my bedroom the moment she consented to the kiss. As she was about to leave, I wanted to stop her and asked her “What happened? Why are you leaving?” She did not even turn towards me and kept walking towards the entrance door and said “Nothing” and left.

I was so desperate and annoyed that I couldn’t take it forward that day. I kept thinking of it the entire day. I somehow pushed 2 days after that and by Tuesday afternoon I again started thinking about her and felt very desperate. I called her and she did not pick up twice. I called her again after half an hour and this time she picked and sounded very normal and said “Tell me.” I asked her “Why did you leave all of a sudden on Sunday?” She said “I realized what was happening there and thought its better to leave it there.”

I was confused and asked “So you were fully aware that we were kissing, and..” I stumbled a bit and finally told her “See, I’ll be frank with you. I’m interested in a physical relationship with you and its not just now, I have this feeling for the last 10 years ever since I met you for the first time.” She asked me “You know that I’m married and have 2 kids, right?” I immediately said “So what. Marriage and kids doesn’t change the way I feel about you. I still feel the same way about you i.e. you are gorgeous and I’m interested in you.” She raised her voice and asked “So any woman you come across is beautiful, you want to sleep with them?”

I immediately interfered and said “No. I said I felt it on you when I saw you 10 years back and I have the same feeling on you now after your marriage and 2 kids. Its about you and not beautiful women. I’m not a womanizer. Please don’t brand me.” She was silent for a few seconds. I waited, lost patience and started calling her “Hello hello..” and suddenly she asked “Can you come home tomorrow?” I was super excited. I asked her “For what?” She said “You just come. Don’t ask questions. Be here by 12:30pm. Bye.” and she put the phone down. I could not be sure of why she had called me to her place, whether she has agreed to have sex with me, or she has called me to give some boring advice.

I kept thinking and my thought process became broader and broader like should I buy condoms in case she had called me to have sex, and if I buy how many to buy i.e. would I be done with one dip and would I require more. I literally got crazy that evening.

Next morning, I woke up and took leave from office citing unwell as the reason. But I got dressed up as if I’m going to office and left home at about 9am as I normally used to leave for office. I had 3 hours in my hand and did not know what to do. The sun was also beating down and I was roaming in all the streets of Chennai in my bike for about 2 hours. I got near her place by 11:30am and then finally decided to buy condoms for whatever it is worth and went and bought 2 condoms. I reached her place by about 12:15pm and as I rang the bell, she opened the door smiling at me. I still preferred to be on the back foot as I could still not confirm why she called me to her place.

She was wearing the same black saree with silver and red border and the yellow blouse. Just as I entered, I saw her two kids playing inside the house. I was under the impression that only her younger would be at home and the elder one would be at school, but only after seeing them I realized it was summer vacation. I sat down and Jayashree went inside the kitchen. It was a duplex house with an inner staircase. She asked me something from inside and I got up and went to the kitchen to see what it was. I went in and asked her “Did you ask me anything?” She said “No.” and then turned and shook her head up asking “What are you seeing?”

Not knowing what to say, I with a bit of hesitancy asked her “You normally wear sarees when you are at home?” She looked at me with a corner sight and said “No. I prefer nighties. I’m wearing this because I was wearing this dress when for the first time you hit at me.” And gave a smile. I got my answer but still wanted to listen it from her and so asked her “Why have you called me here, I’m not sure.” She immediately replied “Why? don’t you know even after I telling you why I’m wearing this saree today? Don’t pretend.” and looked at me and gave a starring smile which said it all. I got so thrilled and excited that I immediately rushed to her and tried to hug her from behind. But she stopped me and said “Wait, not now. My kids are here. Be patient till I feed them. We’ll then go up.” I waited for about half an hour looking at her feeding her kids.

It was close to about 1pm when her kids finished their lunch. She saw me and asked “Do you want something to eat?” I blushed and said “No.” She again gave the same starring smile and whispered as she passed by “Don’t you need some strength?” and giggled. I told her “I’m already geared up.” She gave a broad smile and came out of the kitchen and told her kids on her way to the stairs “Both of you play here. Don’t come upstairs.” And saw me and shook her head signalling “Lets go up.” She started climbing and as I tried to rush behind her I suddenly recollected that my condoms were inside my purse and I had kept my purse on the sofa. I rushed to the sofa, took the condoms out, put them into my pant pocket and rushed up the stairs. She was waiting for me just inside the room waiting to close the door. As I entered the room, she closed the door, turned towards me, raised her arms and latched the door on the top smiling at me viciously.

I could not resist myself as her sexy pose with one arm stretched over her head also exposed her navel and waist and I immediately got close to her, grabbed her waist, moved her to the corner, sucked and licked her cheeks, her neck, her jaws and kissed her. She rolled her arms around my neck kissing me passionately just like the smooch on Sunday. I just loved kissing her. I tried putting my tongue in her mouth and she readily sucked my tongue inside her mouth.

As I was enjoying a really deep and sloppy kiss, I slowly pulled her saree pallu down from her shoulders and she slowly dropped my tongue from her mouth and started to unbutton my shirt, pulling it out from my pant. I unbuttoned my cuffs and as she slowly pulled my shirt down my shoulders, I pulled her close looking straight at her boobs and I slowly went down her neck and engulfed her boobs into my mouth over her blouse. I was too hungry to eat her boobs and with one hand around her waist, I opened her blouse hooks with the other hand. I immediately pulled her blouse down her sleeves, threw it on the ground and without wasting any time, wrapped my hands around her, unhooked her bra, slid the straps down her shoulders and dropped it on the floor. Boy, her boobs were like two half cut coconuts and it was so tempting that I bent down immediately licking, sucking and chewing her soft, spongy boobs. Her nipples were a bit fat and I just loved chewing them. As I kept chewing her nipples and sucking her soft and spongy boobs, she slowly slid my shirt down, removed it and threw it on the floor. I slowly managed to take my mouth off her boobs and as I came up kissing, she quickly pulled up my inner sleeveless vest and removed it in a flash.

Both of us started undressing each other, as I grabbed her saree rolled around her waist and started to unwind it from her waist and she rolled herself out just before I whipped her saree tucked inside her white inner skirt. She immediately rushed close to me and as we hugged each other and moved close to the bed, she sat on the bed and opened my belt flap, removing my belt from it. She immediately unbuttoned my pants and as she lowered my pants she asked me “Did you buy condoms by any chance?” I took one both the condoms from my pockets and showed her. She grabbed both of them and by giving a starring smile at me she told me “You have come well prepared and you pretended as if you don’t know anything when I asked you downstairs.”

I smiled broadly and kept quiet. I did not want to start a conversation as I was so desperate waiting for that moment when I could dip my dick into her pussy. She pulled my underwear down along with my pants and immediately as she saw my dick, she exclaimed “Ohh..” I asked her “What happened?” She said “Your dick is really thick.” I asked her “Is it bigger than your hubby’s?” She said “No, not the length. The length is normal but it is much thicker than my hubby’s.” She then opened the cover, took the condom out, rubbed it with her hands, placed it on the mouth of my dick and rolled it down. As she rolled the condom down my dick, she pushed the cover down on the floor from the bed, got up and hugged me tight as we literally rolled and fell on the bed, hugging and kissing each others’ cheeks, neck and shoulders.

I was too desperate to fuck her and I made her lie down on the bed and slowly came down kissing her jaws, her neck, her boobs, her belly, licking her salty navel and with a lot of impatience, untied the knot on her inner skirt, went down kissing her thighs over her skirt and by holding the lower tip of her skirt and pulled it down smoothly, removed it and threw it on the floor. I got even more hornier when I saw her red panties. I could not resist anymore looking at her red panties which was a bit translucent at the centre. I immediately grabbed her panties and pulled it down with some force as she raised her buttocks allowing me to remove her panties. I literally removed her panties in a flash and threw it far off.

Seeing her nude on bed, the sight which I was dreaming of for the last 10 year, my desperation to fuck her really hit the peak, as I started to crawl up over her kissing her feet, her legs, her knees, her fleshy thighs, passed her bushy pubic hair just above her dark pussy lips, licked all the way from her navel to her neck, kissed her neck and slowly slept right over her.

She slowly spread her legs wide with one of her arms around my neck, she grabbed my dick with the other hand, rubbed it over her pussy lips for a few seconds and placed it over her pussyhole. Just as I felt my dick between her pussy lips and her hands dropped from my dick, I straightaway chucked my dick inside her pussy as she gasped a bit loud “Aaaahhhhh.. Haaaahhh”. Her pussy was really wet inside and it was also so sticky and tight that I felt like heavens all over me even with my dick just a little bit inside her pussy. The thought about this moment for which I was waiting for, for the last 10 years was all over me and don’t even know if I spelt it out feeling my dick inside her pussy.

I then slowly pushed my dick deep inside her pussy. She kept moaning sensually “Mmmmm mhhhh hhhhmm mmm hhhhaaa aannnnn hhmm mmmm hhhhhh hhoooo ” as I penetrated my dick deeper inside her pussy. We slept without even removing her mangalsutra gold chain from her neck. As I pushed my dick deeper and deeper inside her pussy I cuddled with her moving my head from one end of her to the other, chewing her shoulder, kissing her neck, biting the mangalsutra as she also hugged me tight and kept moaning sensually with every inch of my dick I pushed inside her.

As I felt almost three-fourth of my dick was inside her, I decided to fuck her hard moving my dick back and forth. I placed my hands underneath her shoulders and I slowly started to move my dick back and forth inside her pussy. It felt electric as my dick rubbed against her flesh inside her tight, wet and sticky pussy and the way she kept moaning sensually Mmmmm hhhhh, hhhhhaaa aaannnn, hmm mmmm mmnn, sssssshh hhhaaa aaaaahh hhhhhh nnnn hhhhaaa aannnn every time I pulled my dick back and pushed it inside her cunt, I got so excited that within a few minutes, my dick erupted and I suddenly felt the immense pleasure of ejaculation as my semen just literally poured out of my dick into the condom and this time I started to moan louder than her hhhhhha aaaaa aaaaaa sssshh hhh hhhho ooooooo hhhhhhha aaaaaa aaaaaa aaahhh hhhhh as my dick spitted and splashed my semen into the condom.

I started breathing heavily and rubbed my lips all over her face. My dick started to shrink, became soft and slowly oozed out of her pussy with the tip of the condom stuck inside her pussy. She slowly held my cheeks, lifted my head, smiled at me and asked “So, are you done? Happy?” I was happy not not completely satisfied as I ejaculated just minutes after the intercourse. I was still breathing a bit heavy and shook my head saying “No” and tried to get over her again and she pushed me aside gently, got up, slowly pulled out the tip of the condom from her pussy and rolled back the condom off my soft shrunk dick and carefully placed the cum filled condom on the table at the side of the bed. I was taking back my breath looking at what she was doing. She then searched both sides of the bed, took her saree and wiped the semen particles all over my dick.

As she dropped her saree back on the floor after wiping off my dick dry, I got up and tried to pull her down on the bed and fuck her without a condom, but she stopped me immediately and said “Take the other condom.” I tried my chance asking her “Seriously? You want the condom?” She again gave a starring smile at me and shook her head saying “Yes. Take it.” As I bent back to take the condom, her kids knocked the door calling her. She got a bit jittery and asked them from inside, what is was. The kids also wanted to enter the room and she told them “I asked you to play downstairs. Don’t come up for sometime. I will come down in an hour. Now go down” We heard the kids murmuring something and slowly stepping down the stairs.

I kept the condom on her thighs, got behind her, hugged her tightly from behind and started kissing her sweaty shoulders, pressing her soft boobs, trying to get her back on the mood. She immediately raised her arms, held my head, turned towards me and both of us got on the knees over the bed hugged each other tightly and started to kiss each other sloppily wetting each others’ lips, cheeks, nose. She wrapped one of her arms around my neck and held my soft dick with the other.

As we kept on smooching, I felt really horny and excited that my dick started to grow big and hard within her palms. She for a second immediately removed her lips from my mouth, saw down and exclaimed “Wow. That was amazing. I felt your dick growing big and hard in my hands. I have never felt it this way.” I pulled her close and took her down with me lying on the bed and she sleeping over me. I really enjoyed the feeling of Jayashree sleeping over me with her wet body pressing over mine and her spongy boobs pressing against my chest. We cuddled for sometime and as my dick kept rubbing over her pussy and buttocks, she suddenly lifted herself up, went down slowly kissing my chest, my belly and picked the condom that had fallen on the bed from her thighs, opened it and slowly rolled it over my dick.

She then got up on her knees, with one knee rested on either side of my waist, folded and bundled her hair into a ball, held my dick, rubbed it over her wet pussy lips and slowly came down dipping my dick into her pussy. The feeling of my dick penetrating and rubbing against her really wet, sticky and extremely hot flesh inside her pussy made me so excited as she came down my dick every single bit. She came down so fully that she literally sat over my thighs with my dick fully submerged inside her wet pussy. Both of us were in the seventh heaven as we kept moaning together with this type of intercourse. We locked our palms tight and she slowly rolled her buttocks with my dick inside her pussy. It felt seriously electric as I felt my dick getting squeezed and crushed inside her cunt. I pulled her down on me and she slowly bent down and slept over me as we hugged each other tight and slept as such for a few seconds.

We were sweating heavily and I was excited to cuddle with her wet body and after a while she then raised her head a bit and said “Lets do it in the lotus flower position.” I was thrilled and we slowly got up together as such with my dick inside her pussy and I wrapped my legs around her as she sat inside my legs putting her legs over my thighs and wrapping them around me. I grabbed her waist and she rolled her arms around my neck, smiled at me looking at my lips, came closer and sucked my lips into her mouth. The way she kissed me, I felt she loved sloppy kiss and I literally sucked her lips one after the other deep into my mouth.

It was so hot both inside her and also outer body was really heated up with both of us literally drenched in sweat. After a really intense smooch, I for a moment withdrew my lips from her mouth and said “Put your tongue out.” As she brought her tongue out, I opened my mouth and engulfed her tongue into my mouth literally sucking the saliva from her tongue. It got so intense that I grabbed her buttocks, pulling it even closer and jamming her waist over mine with my dick already soaked deep inside her hot and wet pussy.

As I kept hitting her waist over mine sucking her tongue deep inside her mouth, she kept groaning a bit loud and after sometime she forcedly withdrew her tongue from my mouth, slided her upper body back, resting her palms on the bed and started to breathe heavily with her eyes closed tight. I could see her sweaty breasts moving a bit up and down as she breathed heavily with her mangalsutra hanging right between her boobs. I was so tempted to suck her nipples again.

With one my hands still over her buttocks and I moved my other hand a bit up, pulled her closer, bent down and bit her left nipples and chewed it into my mouth. She moaned hhhaaaannn and placed her hand on my head. I kissed and sucked her boobs with passion and slowly moved to the centre and bit and sucked her mangalsutra. It was too salty and I slowly rubbed my nose over her other boobs, licked and sucked her nipples and as I engulfed a portion of her boobs sucking it into my mouth, Jayashree pulled my head up and said “We have had a really long intercourse. Shall we stop it for the day?” But I wanted to ejaculate again though I Felt from inside that I have had a sex blast with her during that afternoon. I replied saying “10 minutes.” She asked me “What are you going to achieve in 10 minutes? Your face already looks tired.” I told her “I want to have sex with you for one more time in the traditional Indian style. Just lie down on the bed and spread your legs.”

She smiled at me thinking something for sometime and then slowly unwrapped her legs from around me, as I also unwrapped my legs from around her, lied down on the bed with both her legs and arms spread wide across the bed, looked at me with a smiling face again and said “Go ahead but just 10 minutes.” For the first time, I got a full view of her body with no nook and corner spared as she slept with her arms and legs stretched wide across the bed. My eyes just caught up with her underarms. It was wet with a big oval black patch of minute hair sprouting. I got really tempted to lick and suck her underarms no matter however it stinks.

But I was not sure if she would entertain. My dick was half out as I pulled my legs back from around her. I removed my dick completely from her pussy, went down and slowly kissed her feet, her legs, her knees, her thighs and as I creeped over her body slowly I decided to go by the side of her body and kissed and licked her waist, kissed the side of her boobs, dragged my tongue along the sides and in a flash licked her rough underarms. She did not react and I immediately sucked her sweaty and strongly stinking underarms for a few seconds and quickly moved to her neck kissing her neck, biting her mangalsutra, rubbing my lips over her jaws and sucked her upper lips sensually once with my dick rubbing over her pussy.

This time she neither wrapped her arms around my neck nor placed my dick over her pussy but just slept with her legs and arms spread wide as if she has surrendered herself to me allowing me to do whatever I want. I grabbed my dick, rubbed it over her pussy trying to find her pussy hole and as my dick sat right over her pussy hole, I held her shoulders from behind and chucked my dick inside her pussy straight away as she gasped Haaaa ppaaaaa, raising her arms and holding the iron rods of the bed over her head. I felt her pussy was a bit easier to penetrate this time though it was still really hot and wet inside her.

I started to fuck her wasting no time moving my dick back and forth inside her, hugging her tight and rubbing my lips over her cheeks, her jaws, her eyes. She held the rods over her head tight and with her eyes closed started to moan loud aaaahhhh hmmmm mmmaaa aahhhh hhhh hhaaa ssssss hhhhaaa. I don’t know if her kids heard her moaning but they came up again knocking the door calling her “Mom mom mom.” I did not bother seeing if she heard it but continued to fuck her in spite of her kids knocking the door wanting to come in and see what was happening. She was so juicy that I could not stop myself that day. As I kept fucking her hard, in a few minutes, I felt a heavy tingling sensation from within my dick as my semen gushed out for the second time. I raised my upper body a bit and started moving over her like waves as my dick splashed my semen into the condom shouting the extreme pleasures out haaaa aannn hhhhoo ooooo hhhmmm mmmn hhhhhh aaaaaaa going down her raised arms kissing and licking and chewed the flesh between her shoulders and her armpit.

Both of us were breathing very heavily and as I lifted my head slowly from her underarms, she rubbed my cheeks with her other hand, smiling at me. I smiled back at her and slowly tried to get down from her and slept besides her as my dick again went soft and small and slowly oozed out of her pussy. I lied down there for sometime and her kids again knocked at the door calling her. She immediately got up, slowly removed the condom from my dick, took the other condom also from the table besides the bed, went into the bathroom and flushed them. As I slowly got up and sat on the bed she came out of the bathroom, took a red sleeveless nightie from her cupboard, wore it in a flash, picked her saree, bra, panty, skirt and blouse from the floor, dumped it into the waste clothes bin and told me “Get dressed quickly. The kids are knocking at the door again and its already 3:40pm now.”

I was stumped and asked her “3:40pm? Where we having sex for over two and a half hours?” She smiled and said “You were crazy and did not even see what was going around when you were on bed. What kind of time sense would you have had that you are asking me now if we had sex for two and a half hours?” I put my head down in shy, got up and started dressing myself.

As I was dressing, Jayashree asked me “Did my mangalsutra prick you? Your chest is red and I find clear impressions of my mangalsutra on your chest.” I replied “I only felt pleasure and no pain.” and laughed. She banged her head with her hands and smiled aloud. I told her “I wanted to ask you something when you wore your nightie. You are wearing only a nightie, not even a panty. Is this how you normally dress when you are at home?” She starred at me and with a narrow smile said “How does it matter? No one is going to see what is inside my nightie.” I asked “What about your husband?” She said “We hardly had any sex in the last 6 to 8 months.

The frequency went down drastically after our second kid and in the last 6 to 8 months there is absolutely nothing.” I felt this is why she called me to her place when I told her that I was interested in a physical relationship with her, but never asked her this as it might hurt her ego.” I smiled and said “May be, this costume will be best from the next time. Just a nightie.” and giggled. She smiled bright with her eyebrows rising high and said “That’s for the next time. Now leave.” I dressed up completely and as we opened the door, her kids rushed to her and asked “What happened? We heard you shouting and screaming.” She said “Nothing. You would have heard something else. I was only talking with this uncle.” The kids stayed silent. We all went down and as the kids started playing she went into the kitchen, I followed her and hugged her from behind.

She pulled herself out from me and said “What are you doing? The kids are here.” I said “I’m leaving. I just want one kiss before I leave.” She looked at me for a few seconds, peeped out of the kitchen and the kids were in the other bedroom, turned towards me, rolled her arms around my neck and as I grabbed her waist we shared one deep sloppy kiss sucking each others’ lips and tongue for a few seconds. As we completed our kiss withdrawing my lips and tongue from her mouth, both of us smiled aloud at each other breathing a bit heavily. I then left the place bidding her bye, picked up my purse from the sofa and left the place.

Well friends, this is my real life sex experience with my elder brother’s college mate, Jayashree after a 10 year long wait. Every time she used to visit my place during her college days, I was itching to sleep with her, fuck her hard and finally I fulfilled my hunger now, when she is 31 years of age after becoming a mother of two kids. Thanks a lot for reading my story “Long awaited Sex With My Elder Brother’s Juicy and Gorgeous College Mate”. Hope you enjoyed it. Your comments are most welcome.