Forced To Fuck Sister- English SEX Story

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This story is about me and my sister and how we had sex for the first time forcefully.

I live in a 2bhk appt. With my mom, dad and a sister who is 2 years younger to me. It was first week of feb when we all had to attend wedding at diu, but due to office burden my mom and dad were about to cancel the trip

Dad: look anil, your mom and I both can’t take leave at this time of year, it’s the audit session….So we have to drop the plan

Mom: yes that will be good

Me: but wedding is on saturday, you just have to take a leave only on saturday…

Mom: no anil it’s just not possible….

Me: what if me and kanika (my sister) reach there on friday night, attend the wedding on sat and then you both come on sat night

K: yes mom please…..We have never gone to diu before…

Dad: that wouldn’t make a difference, wedding would be over by the time your mom and I will reach there…

Mom: honey! Let them give a chance….

Dad: what chance?

Mom: let them go and come back all alone…

Dad: alone? Are you serious? From delhi to diu…All alone?

K: dad we’re not kids anymore! I and bhaiya can go alone

Mom: c’mon honey…Let them go

Me: dad I promise you we’ll be fine there

Dad: ok….Fine then i’ll book your ticket then…..But where would you stay?

Me: one of my friend lives in daman, we’ll stay at his place

Dad: how would you reach diu then?

Me: dad, there’s a bus every hour for diu….We’ll take first bus in morning

Dad: ok….

Me and my sister looked at each other and smiled as it was first time we were traveling alone to place so far away. Our preparations started from the very next day as there were only 3 days left. I also called my friend but he told me that he wouldn’t be in daman on that day but we can still take the keys from one of his friends and stay there alone in a 2bhk appt, when I told this to kanika she asked me not to tell mom or dad about it else they’ll cancel the plan again, we both agreed to it.

Finally the day came and both of us were very excited, dad drops us to igi and we took our flight and reached daman in an hour, at around 9:00 in the night. We moved out of the airport and I called that guy who was supposed to give us keys. He reached on the main gate of airport and we met him

He: hay anil! Vikas told me about you

Me: hay

He then took a look at my sister who was wearing a sleeveless black top with stall covering her chest and a short skirt along with leather boots and then greeted her

He: hello!

K: hello

He: so you both are in a relationship?

Kanika and me looked at each other and started laughing

Me: no man, she’s my sister we’re here to attend a wedding

He: oh….Sorry man I am so sorry

He then gave us the keys and we left for the place in a cab. We were viewing the city on our way, it was cool but deserted, I asked cabbie about it

Me: is there something special today? Why are the streets empty?

He: are you coming here first time?

Me: yes! Why?

He: because city is always like this after 10:00, and the place where you are going is even more isolated

Kanika and I realized this the moment he drop us at the place we were supposed to go, it was surrounded by long trees and it was kind of a guest house with a big lawn and two 2bhk, one on the ground floor which was empty and other on the first floor where we were supposed to stay. There were no neighbors as it was close to highway from which our cab came here. We went to the appt. Then and as soon as we opened the door, we were shocked, it was well furnished and very well maintained, my sister was very happy as she was expecting a messy appt. Climate was decent too neither too hot nor too cold, we turned on the lights and chose our rooms

K: bhaiya I would take that room, it has a balcony too

Me: we just have to sleep for 10-12 hrs. What’s the big deal?

K: ok…Bhaiya……But I am feeling hungry

Me: ya….Me too…..I thought we would find a small restaurant nearby but it’s not possible now…….Did mom kept something to eat?

K: I think yes…She kept some snacks…..I’ll check

My sister brought few packets of fruit cake and puffs after a few minutes, we enjoyed them sitting in the balcony, when there was a knock on the door. We both looked at each other, we weren’t expecting anyone. We both moved towards the door and I opened when someone kicked me hard and I fell on the ground, I looked back, it was an intruder covering his face with black cloth mask, with a white skull made over it. He was also carrying a gun which he pointed on my head

I: don’t try to move, either of you

My sister started weeping and then intruder looked at her and warned her to follow what he says

I: i’ll not kill you if you’ll do what I tell you to

Me: ok…..Ok….I’ll do it

I: no….Not you…..This girl will do it and you will just lie here

Me: ok….Don’t shoot please

He again looked at my sister

I: hay you…..Throw your phone on ground and don’t try to act smart

She followed him with full dedication

I: now give me your wallet and you too

We both took out our wallets and took out all the cash that we had, and gave it to him; he kept it in his pocket and now removed the gun from me. He started counting the cash and was about to leave when he turned back and looked at my sister

I: close the door

K: but why? We gave you all what we had…What do you want now?

I: I didn’t took everything yet…….At least not from you

K: what you mean?

He took out his gun and pointed it on kanika

I: do as I say…..

Kanika latched the door and came back

He now pointed the gun on me and asked me to sit quietly, then looked at kanika again

I: remove your stall

K: what? No……Please……Leave me

I: just does it or i’ll shoot your bf

Me: no please leave her; she’s just 15….Please

I: just do as I say….

K: please leave me…….Please

He then moved towards kanika, pointing gun on me and started touching her hairs with other hand and kissing on her cheeks and neck, kanika was weeping but was helpless, I was watching him touching and kissing kanika but he wasn’t looking at me so I managed to pick a vases from behind and moved towards him and tried to give a blow on his head but somehow it hit his shoulder and he immediately turned to me and shot a fire on the roof, kanika and i, both got scared.

Me: sorry…..I am sorry

I: so you think you can save your girl ? Hush

Me: she’s my sister, how can I see her getting raped in front of my eyes

He turned back and looked at my sister

I: sister. Really? That’s interesting

He again turned to me and moved towards me, I was lying on the floor,

I: stand up…..And now you’ll complete what I started…..With your sister

Me: no…….She’s my sister…..I would never do that

I: well you two decide, whether you have to do sex or want to see this guy dead

K: no please leave us….Take everything what we have

I: shut up bitch….And decide

Me: we won’t do that……Do what you can

He loaded his shot and pointed on my head, kanika was crying and looking at me when she shouted

K: ok…..We’ll do it

Me: kanika….

K: bhaiya…….We do not have a choice

I: oh…..You got your sister’s pussy mate….

Me: shut up…..

I: do it quickly

He had his gun pointed on me, kanika got up and moved towards me and sat on my lap, I unwantingly started to plant light kisses on her cheeks, she was just allowing to do me what I was doing. I was going really slow and was only kissing her cheeks

I: don’t you understand what sex means?……. Didn’t you ever had sex?

Me: no…

I: and you bitch

K: no….

I: two amateurs……That’s good……I’ll guide you…….Open his zip and grab his penis

I looked at my sister and got up, she was still sitting, she opened my pant’s zip and took my penis in her hand, it got erect and I avoided the eye contact with my sister

I: now take it in your mouth and suck it hard like a bitch

I was looking at the roof, she took my dick in her mouth and suddenly I felt like heaven, and I made a low noise “awww”

I: seems that your brother is enjoying it

My sister then started sucking my dick like an amateur, her teeths many times bit my penis but I was really enjoying it and was constantly making the same sound “awww ….. Awww ……. Oh …. Aww” at one point when my precum was about to come, I held my sister’s head and increased the speed and finally my precum was in her mouth and she suddenly left my dick and spit all the pre cum mixed with her saliva on the floor and then wiped her mouth with her right hand but her lips were still wet with left overs.

I: first stage cleared……Now you open her skirt and put your dick in her, sister-fucker

She then lied on the floor and I sat and removed her skirt, she was wearing a white underwear, I removed it too and revealed her hairy pussy, wet with sweat. It was first time I was seeing a real pussy in front of me so I touched her pussy’s hairs and tried to make a way.

I then took my dick and inserted it into her vagina, the moment I did that, she took a deepmoan “ahhhh ….. Ahhhhh …. Ha ….. Ahhhh” precum over my dick provided lubrication and I was able to insert my entire dick in one go, she started breathing heavily and looked at me, I leaned on her, keeping my palms on the floor on either side of her head and with one hand removed her hairs which were over her face and looked into her eyes to make her feel comfortable as she seemed afraid.

I then took out my penis and gave a quick push inside again, this time she held me with full force and made me lie over her completely, she holding me tightly as if she’ll gonna fall. When I lied over her completely, her boobs inside her top pressed against my chest, I felt great and then I gave a third push, she moaned again but suddenly the intruder opened the door and ran outside with all cash in pocket.

Finally he left us, but in a position like this. We both looked deeply into each others eyes for a minute with absolute silence, in the same position, I lying over her with my penis inside her. I knew what it meant, she wanted to continue in fact both of us wanted to but were afraid so I took the chance and with my penis still inside her I sat straight and started unbuttoning my shirt and removed it, now I was completely naked, she meanwhile was just looking at me.

I lied over her again and removed her top from her shoulders, revealing the white strips of her bra over her white skin, she was corporating with silence, she raised her arms and I took off her top, now she had only a bra on her body. She put one of her hand behind her, on her back and unhooked the bra, I was surprised and removed the bra too, revealing her not too large but cute medium sized boobs with dark pink nipples, I took them in hands and sucked them like a baby. They were untouched and small, I changed and did the same with other boob, she was caressing my arm by the time and when I was done with both the boobs, I lied over her again and we kissed like kids, I also licked her neck and gave a bite on neck, because of which she shouted and took a turn, holding me tight.

Now she was over me, she too started licking my nipples and I was moving my hands on her sweaty back, suddenly my hands got some sticky liquid which was on her waist, I looked at the floor, it was my precum and her saliva that she spit on ground. She was lying over it all this time, I inserted my fingers having precum in her mouth and she swallowed it all. I now turned again and brought her below me again, opened her pony with my hand, her hairs got scattered on her face, she was looking slut with hairs on her sweaty face, I inserted my penis inside her again and started fucking her. She was holding he tight and was pulling my hairs, with each push we were sliding on the floor.

After a few pushes, we were about cum when she kept her face on her shoulder and I put my face inside her hairs and gave the final push, both of us were shouting “aaaaahhh …….Ahhh…..Ahhh” finally we started breathing heavily, I took out my penis and put my cum on her boobs which were rising and falling as she was breathing and then lied besides her, her head was resting on my arm, I moved her face closer to mine and gave a kiss on her lips and moved to balcony naked, when I heard my phone ringing, I attended it, it was my friend in whose appt. We were having sex.

Me: hay

Vikas: so dude….I did as you said

Me: ya…..I’ll transfer money in your account

Vikas: did she had any doubt?

I looked back to ensure she’s not listening

Me: no…..She still thinks that was a real intruder who instead of fucking a girl, sat back and allowed someone else to fuck her

Vikas: man your sister is so innocent…….But you are a real sister fucker

Me: thanks……Just burn that mask by the way, I don’t want to take any risk.