Biwi ne mujhe friend ko chodte hue dekha

Hello friends, my name is Rohit and I am from Ghaziabad. This is not story but a real incident of my life. I am married guy who has a very sexy wife. She likes to have sex with me every night and even in days sometimes. Her name is Pooja and she was college classmate. We were lovers in college and later on eloped to marry each other. After 1 year of marriage life I found out that my wife likes to see me fucking someone. Initially she urged me to fuck in front of the mirror. In this way she would see herself being fucked by me. But 3 months back she had a really strange demand. She told me to fuck someone else in front of her. I was utterly surprised to listen to this. But she was really serious for this and she asked me to do it for her satisfaction. To evade her demand I gave excuse of not having anyone available to do that. And I was more surprised when she said she will arrange a pussy for me.

For about one week I did not remind her for this. We fucked at least 6-8 times in the week. And I thought Pooja must have forgot all about it. But she did not. While resting after one sex round she asked.

Pooja: Rohit, I am yet waiting for your answer honey?

Me: Answer for what?

Pooja: Me arranging a pussy for you. I am dying to see you screwing someone in front of me.

Me: Come on Pooja, do we really need it?

Pooja: Yes, for sure.

Me: hmmmmm…And If I ask you to arrange that pussy; whose will it be?

Pooja smiled in her lips and said, “Do you remember Rajni?”

And this sentence reminded me of that chubby college mate of ours. She was busty in college days; only god knows how she looked now. I looked at Pooja and nodded for yes.

Pooja continued; “Her husband died 3 months back and she is desperate to have someone. She is our age only and I hope you understand her position. I would like you to fuck Rajni in front of me.”

And she having said that; I was excited now for this game. I knew Rajni and I know a girl kind of her can screw the fuck out of your dick. She must have been about 40+ wasit at college time. The girl who can let you sleep on herself and screw you. The girl for whom people say, you don’t need bed to fuck her and she can serve as bed only. Pooja really presented me with an always fukable pussy.

Me: Are you sure she wants this too?

Pooja: She would love to. I have told her that you can calm her anxiety for sex. She was reluctant but I told how dangerous it can be if she gets screwed by butler or any XYZ dick.

And we both agreed for Rajni. That night I had Rajni in my thoughts. I did not see her for last 4 years. She was plump, fat and chubby. Her red cheeks always aroused people crouch. Last man I remember was Tushar; who was screwing this fat pussy. Tushar and Rajni were in relationship and I did not bother much for that as Pooja was taking great care of mine since our college days only.

Pooja called Rajni at our place after 2 days. She asked me to clean my dick area as Rajni likes to suck dick and balls. She also told me that Rajni admires somone who is a great ass fucker. Pooja herself did not like the idea of anal sex though she was having that with me every week or so.